Thursday, 9 July 2009

Tournament Report - WNM at Runik Games, Bury St Edmunds

By Jim Marlow

Hey Everyone,

Another week and this time Type 2 constructed magic was the order of the day at Runik Games.
I never really know what to play anyway, and metagaming for a really diverse field (much moreso than leeds) on top of choosing a deck to play made it pretty hard to prepare.

I decided on jund ramp as i wanted to play some lavalanches.

Here's my decklist

4 x kitchen finks
4 x chameleon colossus
4 x putrid leech
2 x broodmate dragon

4 x rampant growth
4 x garruk wildspeaker

3 x lavalanche
2 x jund charm
1 x volcanic fallout
4 x maelstrom pulse

2 x primal command
2 x banefire
1 x loxodon warhammer

4 x savage lands
4 x twilight mire
2 x firelit thicket
2 x reflecting pool
4 x treetop village
4 x forest
2 x swamp
2 x mountain

4 x anathemancer
2 x cloudthresher
3 x volcanic fallout
3 x thought hemorrhage
2 x firespout
1 x primal command

Round 1 - Neil - B/W non tokens

Game 1 - This is the kind of matchup the deck is built for, as long as his various silly b/w men dont get too big. Sadly, neil has a edge of divinity on his nip gwyllian turn 2, followed by a deathbringer liege and wall of reverence. Luckily my double finks enable a garruk to land safely, but Neil unmakes a finks, killing the other meaning im left with only garruk. This is ok, because i can untap lands with garruk to lavalanche for 6, killing his whole team, but leaving him on a pretty healthy 32 life. I follow up with chameleon colossus and broodmate dragon, then get in for more than 32 in 1 swing.

Game 2 - Neil doesnt have any plays for the first 3 turns, missing his 3rd land drop, whilst i have double putrid leech, which seems good. I make a chameleon colossus after a leech gets unmade and attack for 8 twice, which just about gets it done.

1-0 (2-0)

Round 2 - Chris playing all in green

Game 1 - I realise this is a pretty bad matchup because i have no spot removal meaning i pretty much have to win before i see any of chris' threats, which is a pretty mean feat. I make putrid leech into finks which beat down chris down to 6 who is on an apparently slow draw, but then he makes a diety of scars and a noble hierarch. I attack with both my men and he wisely blocks both, pretty much meaning i cant win, as i was hoping to push through enough damage for volcanis fallout to finish it.

Game 2 - I keep a 2 lander and miss my 3rd land drop, which is a bit poo. I draw a savage lands for turn 4 but on chris' 4th turn he impromptu raids into a woodfall primus to destroy my savage lands.....savage.

1-1 (2-2)

Round 3 - Dan? - Kithkin

Game 1 - Im pretty happy about this matchup as it is essentially what my deck is made to beat, many little men. I take minimul beats from dan who from the looks of it has kept a 6 lander with figure of destiny....ok. Dan gets his figure to 4/4 which is annoying, but i get garruk online. Dan paths the finks i use to protect garruk but doesnt get in with he mutuvault to kill him as garruk was up to 5. O well, best lavalanche for many then. I attack with a putrid leech twice and a lavalanche for 9 wins the game.

Game 2 - Dan gets a far better draw here but i have volcanic fallout then lavalanche for his men. Sadly, having used these dan finds double stillmoon cavalier, which is annoying for my finks + leech. I find colossus to start beating, but dan is winning the race going aerial with cavaliers. Luckily for me i rip a firespout from the board and my team survives while go to the bin, leaving me free to swing for 6 then 14 next turn, the best!!!.

2-1 (4-2)

Round 4 - ? - jund tokens.

I cant really remember the details of each separate match because the games were both heavily interupted by me having to tell my opponant why most of the stuff he was doing was wrong. Im pretty good at handling new players to the game, being as nice as i can whilst explaining how they can achieve what i think they are trying to do, which is a bit of a skill as you are meant to be playing them at a game of magic. I always feel bad telling new players that they cant do this etc but i think its best they get a good grasp of the rules, and i think if you do this in a nice way and not rules lawyer people it can be really beneficial to their learning.

However, my opponant was basically a little shit, who was pissing me off quite a bit.

I had loaned the use of my playset of bloodhall oozes for the day, which was fine. I had them in my trade binder but he didnt have anything i wanted and i just got the 4th so i was thinking of keeping them anyway.

Game 2 he makes a bloodhall ooze turn 2, after making a b/r borderpost. He puts a counter on the ooze then makes a Sarkhan Vol, puts sarkan up a counter and puts 2 counters on the ooze, it takes me at least 5 minutes to explain this problem, and then another 5 minutes when i say the +1/+1 only lasts untill the end of turn. I obviously lavalanched both the ooze and sarkhan next turn, but whatever.

I always try to be nice to new players, and people in general, so i let him trade the whole playset of oozes off me for a fnm kitchen finks, which i didnt really want.

After i had done this however, i tried to discuss the game and how he could have done things differently, by perhaps making a 10/10 predator dragon which i knew he had all game, rather than devouring everything to mycoloth then me killing him. He basically threw this back in my face and then asked whether i cheated when i pumped my putrid leech to trade with his dragon broodmother after he had blocked with it and asked if it was a 2/2 when he blocked. Twat!

3-1 (6-2)

Anyways, its horrible to end on a rant such as this, and i hate facing people who i dont get on with, its such a shame, especially as im trying to help this guy. O well.

I have a draft to upload tomorrow from ages ago so look out for that.

See you all soon

Until then,


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  1. Wow, that sucks a bit. I was going to describe him as puntington junior, but while P. Bear was the worst player I have ever seen, at least he was a nice guy about his terribadness.

    "I considered all of the options and that was the best one"

    Marmalade sandwiches all round.