Thursday, 23 July 2009

Standard musings

By Jim Marlow

Hey everyone,

I had hoped to not write about my current thoughts on standard, and what i'll be playing for quite some time, mainly because i had very few thoughts at all on it. I was hoping to wait for the US nationals to get me a netdeck for nationals (if i need one), in case i decide to go on the grind with a T2 deck.

Having said that, i think it would be foolish to ignore the other nats going on around this time, in particular the japanese and australian nats, which yielded some interesting decks, and lead me to pretty much decide on what ill be playing come August.

This is a slightly tweaked version of Shuuhei's list from Japanese Nats, ill probably be playing something similar, dependant on various tech revelations from US nats.

3 x mulldrifter
3 x plumeveil
3 x broodmate dragon

4 x cryptic command
3 x broken ambitions
3 x agony warp
4 x esper charm

4 x firespout
2 x hallowed burial

3 x cruel ultimatum
2 x ajani vengeant

4 x vivid creek
3 x vivid marsh
2 x vivid meadow
2 x vivid crag
4 x reflecting pool
3 x sunken ruins
2 x mystic gate
2 x cascade bluffs
1 x exotic orchid
3 x island

3 x anathemancer
2 x identity crisis
2 x runed halo
2 x wall or reverence
1 x hallowed burial
2 x volcanic fallout
3 x great sable stag

This is what im playing at the moment, it seems to be pretty good, so its probably what ill be playing at grinders, so fingers crossed. I think all the matchups are ok, i would like to see how this does against combo elves, but im guessing that anything with counterspells and sweepers should be ok because as long as i can counter the primals and regal forces i can sweep before being swarmed.

More sealed and draft articles to come this week so look out for them,

See you Soon.

Until then,


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