Wednesday, 15 July 2009

July Update

By Jim Marlow

Hey everyone,

Firstly a quick apology for the lack of articles in the las couple of weeks, i have been trying to get 4-5 a week done, but im pretty busy with work and apparently my girlfriend wants to spend some time with me when im not at university, so im doing my best.

M10 is finally here, along with some new rules changes, which are no doubt going to shake up standard for this summer when Nationals comes to Brighton.

Luckily, UK Nationals are quite late in the season, at least they are after US and Australian Nationals, which are probably more high profile. This means i will probably not do as much preparation into finding a decent deck in standard, which is nice and easy.

However, on the face of it, it looks like aggro decks are going to be sick without wrath, and white weenie is obviously going to be one of, if not the most popular decks as it is largely unchanged but strictly better than before M10.

Also, it looks like Hallowed Burial will finally get some love, it was also the second best wrath in the format, but still people played austere command and martial coup, well hallowed burial is the nuts, anyone ever heard of reveillark? Speaking of which, i think the dedicated lark decks will no doubt be very few and far between.

Mono red will probably be played a lot more with bolt and ball lightning back along with the usual suspects. Im still not a bit fan, mostly because mono white will beat mono red unless mono red gets decent draws. However, i think if mono red gets bigger we may see the return of forge-tenders to the main, and personally if i was playing mono white, i would play knight of the white orchid too, because having 8 two mana 2/2's with first strike is not great for ball lightning or hellspark elemental.

Other than this, i would imagine that most of the decks we will see at the various Nationals tournaments will be the usual suspects - Elves, which is probably my favourite deck right now, faeries, bant......etc.

M10 does bring some decent cards to the format, but i think the new lands are probably going to be the most played cards from M10, and any others will basically fit into the already created deck archetypes, possibly with some upgrades such as doom blade over terror.

What will i be playing in coming weeks?

I havent really thought of standard for a while, nothing is really blowing my socks off, and as im not qualified for Nats i will probably try grinding in the sealed event unless i find a deck before then.

I have been working on a B/r control deck for a little while which is basically mono black control splashing bolt and a couple other cards, if i forge together anything semi-playable i will post it in the next couple of days.


On a completely unrelated note, if anyone wants to order a Team Leeds Magic t-shirt - please contact me giving me your size and the name you would like to have on the back. I cant really sa how much it will be, because it depende on the size of the order - but i wont order untill we have enough people to make it less than £10

If you didnt get a shirt last time or want a second one, get in touch, my email is below, or over facebook. For those who asked, i am going to look into the possibility of getting the t-shirts in black as well for anyone interested.


See everyone at Nats.

Until then,


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  1. Yeah, I think the best testing for Nats involves waiting until this weekend is done and proxying up the top 8.