Thursday, 2 July 2009

Tournament Report - WNM at Runik Games, Bury St Edmunds

By Jim Marlow

Hey everyone,

It's that time of the week again, and this time Runik have decided to put on a block constructed event.

I really didnt know what to expect at the event, so i just guessed everyone would play naya/jund, with a possibility of a random 5cc or two from some of the better players. This was mostly true tbh.

I was pretty intrigued by the glaze fiend/thopter foundry deck that Kibler and Rietzl managed to wreck PT honolulu with, so i knocked up a similar list.

Here's what i played

2 x court humunculous
4 x esper stormblade
4 x tidehollow sculler
4 x glaze fiend
4 x vedalken outlander
4 x ethersworn canonist
3 x master of etherium
2 x ethersworn shieldmage

1 x tezzeret the seeker
4 x thopter foundry
3 x path to exile
4 x fieldmist borderpost
4 x u/b borderpost (name escapes me)

4 x arcane sanctum
6 x plains
4 x swamp
3 x island

I was pretty happy with the deck, i couldnt get hold of a 4th master of etherium, hence the tezzeret, which was a bit annoying because the deck isnt meant to get to 5/6 mana to often.

Round 1 - Jin - esper aggro

No guys, it wasnt Jin Shen of old school Team Leeds fame, but this Jin was playing an almost identical deck to mine, awesome.

I took this round down 2-0 through, and im sure Jin would be the first to admit, a couple of mistakes on his behalf coupled with some aggresive draws. Jin said it was the first time he played with the deck and he hadnt played magic in a while, so i felt bad when he announced no blockers, and said i take 3, im afraid thats 7, sir, my master of etherium counts borderposts, too.


Round 2 - Grant - 5 colour cascade

Grant is a pretty decent player and certainly knows what he is talking about, i knew he was playing a cascady control deck, which i hoped was the type of deck mine was made for.

Luckily, in either match grant never drew past 3 lands, or 2 colours of mana, which was a bit of shame for him.

Game 2 grant mulliganed to 5 on the play, awesome for me i guess. Especially as i have a double sculler hand and the first sculler grant decides to terminate with the ability on the stack, guess i strip the only 3 spells you draw all game matey boy.

O well.

2-0 (4-0 games)

Round 3 - Matt - heralds?

I saw Matt's deck laid out on the desk downstairs when i arrived, and frankly it looked like a pile, but nevertheless very interesting. He was playing a concotion of the heralds from shards and the blades from reborn, which is pretty clever actually.

However, he was only playing 1 copy of each of his searchable creatures, so if he ever drew them they were pretty much dead untill turn billion when he could hardcast.

I blew matt out game 1 with a path to make asureblade trade with a court humunculous, which left him with only an angels herald.

Game 2 i made turn 2 glaze fiend into borderpost, stormblade. Then next turn i made borderpost, humunculous, stormblade. That will just about do it.

3-0 (6-0 games)

Round 4 - Alex - Esper control

Im not sure if this matchup is good or bad for me. I knew my sideboard was not particularly prepared for it, and that if i ever got behind i was pretty stuffed.

Sadly game 1 i mulliganned to 4, and i was way too far behind.

Game 2 i got aggressive, but i can beat sculptor, master, ethersworn adjudicator draws without seeing a martial coup. I stalled out with thoptors from a foundry for a while but i would have to start saccing borderposts, making even my boarded coup's dead draws. gg

0-2 (6-2 games)

Overall i felt good about the deck, i am pretty new to it obviously so im sure it can be played far better than i did. The mana seems a little tricky and i wonder if that could do with some work, although i dont think its really a relevent format for my interests right now.

Good fun was had nonetheless, even if my crappy tiebreakers got me 5th place for my troubles....yay i ripped a lavalanche, which even the shop wouldnt trade with me, sad times.

it was an awesome night anyway, i really have to commend the guys both from Runik Games, and the people who go there to play, because it is a really fantastic bunch of guys, except for Chris telling me how good militia's pride is every week (lord knows i will never conceed that argument), i hope he's not among the 4 people who read this.

O well i have bigger fish to fry this weekend......i wonder what the weather is like in Texas.

Until then,


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  1. Militia's Pride is decent Kithkin sideboard tech against Faeries

  2. not that good still tested it in my deck