Sunday, 19 July 2009

Jim's huge release over the Magic 2010 Core Set

By Jim Marlow

Hey everyone,

Sadly, once again working late caused me to sleep in for the release event in Ipswich today, which i didnt have a car for anyway so i dont know how i was getting there.

However, i went into town and got some boosters to do a little sealed for an article which i thought everyone might like, here's my pool.


1 x palace guard
1 x holy strength
1 x lifelink
1 x solemn offering
1 x griffin sentinel
1 x wall of faith
1 x silence
1 x divine verdict
1 x harm's way
1 x armoured ascension
1 x razorfoot griffen
1 x silvercoat lion
1 x soul warden


3 x cancel
2 x serpent of the endless sea
2 x sleep (1 foil)
1 x essence scatter
1 x unsummon
1 x ponder
1 x twincast
1 x mind spring
1 x disorient
1 x wind drake
1 x air elemental
1 x convincing mirage
1 x jump


2 x doom blade
1 x black knight
1 x sign in blood
1 x deathmark
1 x disentomb
1 x warpath ghoul
1 x xanthrid demon
1 x duress
1 x nightmare
1 x relentless rats
2 x acolyte of xanthrid
1 x kelinore bat
2 x assassinate


2 x jackal familiar
1 x sparkmage apprentice
1 x raging goblin
1 x lava axe
2 x yawning fissure
1 x goblin piker
1 x firebreathing
2 x burning inquiry
2 x panic attack
1 x stone giant
1 x fiery hellhound
1 x fireball
1 x earthquake
1 x act of treason


1 x prized unicorn
1 x naturalize
1 x windstorm
1 x deadly recluse
1 x runeclaw bear
1 x giant growth
2 x bramble creeper
1 x enourmous baloth
2 x borderland ranger
1 x llanowar elves
1 x acidic slime
1 x rampant growth


1 x gorgon flail
2 x whispersilk cloak
1 x dragon's claw

1 x terramophic expanse

Looking at the cards i have availible, im pretty sure i am going to be mostly discarding white, and probably blue too, although i think sleep is a very powerful card in limited because the tempo of double alphastrike is amazing, im not sure it is worth it as it will only ever be a double splash.

Green offers some decent ramp effects, with my double civic wayfinder and rampant growth to go with the llanowar elves i have.

Also, red has the bombs of earthquake and fireball which obviously benefit from the ramping

However, i like black with the double doomblade, xanthrid demon is a bomb, but sadly a lot of the other playables hae double colour requirements in the casting cost.

Here's the list i would play from these.

1 x llanowar elves
2 x jackal familar
1 x giant growth
1 x deathmark
1 x rampant growth
2 x doom blade
1 x deadly recluse
1 x runeclaw bear
2 x borderland ranger
1 x act of treason
1 x fiery hellhound
2 x yawning fissure
1 x acidic slime
2 x bramble creeper
1 x prizes unicorn
1 x earthquake
1 x fireball
1 x enourmous baloth

I really dont know if this deck is any good, or is the best that can be built from the pool. It could really do with some more or better fatties to ramp into. Im loving the possibility of land destruction with the ramping, but this might just be a bit shitty.

O well.

See you soon.

Until then,


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  1. Yawning Fissure and Jackal Familiar are unplayable whereas Black has some good creatures to play including a huge bomb.

  2. Also - Gorgon flail = bomb, right?

  3. Little bit. Especially with Sparkmage Apprentice and cheating. Seriously though, Flail = bomb, Red common creatures = unplayable.

  4. Breaking news:

    Beard wins Brighton GPT using Shadowmoor draft strategy.

  5. They reprinted Ballyknock Cohort?

  6. Wispersilk cloak is also basically a bomb. Unblockability is a pretty huge thing in M10

    Yay to Beard to winning the GPT.. I scrubbed out in the semi-finals

  7. first pick armoured acsension amirite?

    also, wow, i am totally off with my card evaluations in the core set. Prbably doesnt bode well for brighton,

  8. Don't worry, I have 2 byes and Andy has 3 so you only have to play 1 round with a bad deck :)

  9. Just for reference and further discussion, this is what I would run from this pool:

    black knight
    deadly recluse
    runeclaw bear
    2 borderland ranger
    warpath ghoul
    kelinore bat
    prized unicorn
    acidic slime
    xanthrid demon
    enormous baloth

    giant growth
    rampant growth
    sign in blood
    gorgon flail
    2 doom blade
    whispersilk cloak
    2 assassinate

    terramorphic expanse
    1 mountain
    8 swamp
    7 forest

    I would have liked to play Deathmark as it is fine in sealed, but that put me at 24 non-lands. I considered running 16 lands but there are expensive cards in there and plenty of removal already.

  10. That seems about right to me.. it was definitely a green/black pool... with 2 borderland ranger and an expanse I probably wouldn't run the rampant growth so I'd probably fit the deathmark in instead. Its a bit creature light for my tastes but thats all there is to work with...Very much a 'cross my fingers and hope to find my bombs' kind of pool.