Friday, 31 July 2009

Ready to Grind at Brighton

By Jim Marlow

Hey everyone,

This will almost certainly be my lost article before 'winning' (scrubbing out of....but for me the first player to the bar is the real winner) nats and GP brighton next week, so i thought i would reveal my finished deck with which im hoping to grind in.

It is similar to my previously posted 5 colour deck but i am gearing it more towards the mirror, because i think 5 colour will almost certainly be the most played deck, then faeries, kithkin and combo elves.

3 x broodmate dragon
3 x plumeveil
2 x mulldrifter

4 x cryptic command
3 x broken ambitions
2 x negate

4 x esper charm
2 x ajani vengeant
1 x jace beleren
3 x cruel ultimatum
1 x obelisk of alara

2 x volcanic fallout
2 x firespout
2 x hallowed burial

4 x vivid creek
3 x vivid marsh
2 x vivid meadow
2 x vivid crag
4 x reflecting pool
3 x sunken ruins
2 x mystic gate
2 x cascade bluffs
1 x exotic orchid
3 x island


2 x thought hemorrhage
2 x runed halo
2 x identity crisis
1 x jace beleren
2 x wall of reverence
2 x volcanic fallout
4 x great sable stag

Im really happy with the deck, hopefully if i play tight and get a bit lucky i can get there no problems with it, because the raw power of the deck is under no question.

Not entirely sold on the wall of reverence's in the sideboard, or the configuration of sweepers i hae between main deck and sideboard, as i may switch a firespout and fallout round, depending on the showing of faeries in the grinders. If i take the wall of reverences out they will almost certainly become puppeteer cliques, as i wanted to get some.

The thought hemorrhage's are another last minute addition because i have trouble dealing with baneslayer angel, although i may just add a 3rd hallowed burial into the board. I think i just have a soft spot for thought hemorrhage because i love the card.

Obviously with these minor changes as possibilities i havent fully devised a sideboard plan yet....its obviously one for tuesday night.

The very best of luck goes out to all the players coming from Leeds and anyone else i know, im sure that some of the guys will do well, in either Nats or the GP....hopefully i can do the same.

See you all soon

Until then,

(GB National Champion, 2009)

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  1. Nice Todd Anderson reference. Best of luck dude, do me and Mario proud!

  2. GP Brighton isn't constructed it's sealed deck... but I'm sure there'll be some side events.

  3. Jim'll be in those, don't worry :p

  4. i am so shit at sealed.....i think im the only person going to the GP who wants to open a baneslayer angel because i can trade it off after i 0-2 crap out....not because its a stone cold bombo!

    Also, yeah John im trying to get into Nationals with the standard deck, the tournament to get in is standard then nats themselves are split format standard and shards block draft....but i need'nt worry bout that. :P