Saturday, 18 July 2009

Drafting with Jim - #11

By Jim Marlow

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the huuuge delay in uploading this draft, every time it takes a lot longer to do the draft articles and something kept coming up, but i got in from work just now so i thought this was much more useful than sleep.

P1,p1 - Infest

Kiss of the amesha is a quite narrow second, with sculler and punish ignorance going left too. I much prefer infest to amesha right now, as my favourite w/u deck is the artifact aggo w/u, and in 5 colour i rate infest over the kiss.

P1,p2 - fatesticher

Grixis/esper are some of my favourite achetypes, and i think this is much better to support a more controlling build, although it pains me to pass both an executioners capsule (which may have been the pick here) and a vithian stinger

p1,p3 - corpse connoisseur

works well i guess, although i would like the blister beetle back, passing ranger of eos is fine.

P1, p4 - dregscape zombie

Is this the pick over souls fire, i guessed as i am pretty unearthy it was fine.

P1,p5 - fatesticher


P1, p6 - blightning

hopefully the obelisk of grixis will table, but blightning is better than that i think as i am in the best colours for landcycling, plus even without multiples its great at stripping the last few cards from hands, which are usually either bombs or the land to play the bombs.

P1,p7 - scourge devil

i think this is fine over bloodpyre elemental, is my deck looking pretty good or is it me?

Remaining picks - lightning talons, spell snip, incurable ogre, onyx goblet, jhessian infiltrator, shadowfeed, plains, mountain

P2, p1 - rupture spire

Not a ridic pick 1 but scepter of fugue isnt mind boggling plus i dont think i have enough blue permanents to first pick sedraxis alchemist over the spire

P2,p2 - armilery sphere

this is pretty good, i dont need a great deal of mana fixing but allow splashes should i need to make some.

p2,p3 - Absorb vis

more mana fixing, this is almost all the fixing i really need, and im not taking it over anything exciting which is just fine.

P2, p4 - sedraxis alchemist

this time i give the alchemist the nod over the rupture spire, half because i have a decent amount of fixing, but also because i like the tempo he gives, and with the mana fixing i can pick more blue permanents. not sure if this is correct

P2,p5 - elder mastery

possibly the goblin outlander is the pick here, but im tempted by the blue permanent, plus when this gets active its really ridiculous

P2,p6 - molten frame

Remaining picks - pestilent kathari, vagrant plowbeast, scepter of fugue, vectis agents, valeron outlander, asha's favour, mountain, asha's favour, island

P3,p1 - Terminate


P3,p2 - sewn eye drake

nothing else here, blue permanant

P3,p3 - grixis grimblade

see above

P3,p4 - kathari bomber

P3,p5 - Lorescale coatl (foil)

not sure why i picked this, i want it in real life but that doesnt really help me, but i havent got what else was in the pack

P3, p6 - kathari bomber

P3, p7 - demonic dread (foil)

Remaining picks - monstrous carabid, double negative, godtracker of jund, monstrous carabid, double negative, vedalken ghoul, magefire wings, forest.

OVerall the draft went a little worse than my first 7 or 8 picks indicated, maybe i misdrafted, but i was pretty sure i was in the right archetype but i just didnt see much after my first 5 picks in packs 2 and 3, o well, i guess it just happens like that sometimes.

Here's my deck

1 x amilery sphere
1 x grixis grimblade
1 x terminate
1 x scepter of fugue
1 x blightning
1 x infest
1 x dregscape zombie
2 x kathari bomber
1 x pestilent kathari
2 x fatesticher
1 x spell snip
1 x sedraxis alchemist
1 x sewn eye drake
1 x corpse connoiseur
2 x monstrous carabid
1 x elder mastery
1 x absorb vis
1 x molten frame
1 x vectis agents
1 x demoni dread (shudder, but at least it finds either terminate, a-sphere, grimblade or drgscape)

1 x rupture spire
8 x swamp
2 x island
6 x mountain

I went out in round 2 of this event (not sure if it as 4-3-2-2 or 8-4), so not all bad considering the deck wasnt too great, which is a shame when your talking about a deck with infest, corpse connoiseur and 2 fatestichers.

O well,

See everyone at Nats.

Until then,


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  1. Demonic Dread also gets Molten Frame - be careful about cascade and cheap cyclers. I'd like to see all the cards in the pack in your drafts if possible please. You say what you're picking it over but without the full pack this might not be all the relevant information. Just for the first 8 picks each pack if you don't want to write it all out though.

  2. yeah i think i took the molten frame out actually because i realised the demonic dread would cascade into it.

    Sorry for not writing out complete pack contents, i tend to be writing out just the cards im considering as the strongest in the pack, and then the viable picks.

    I need to get BPM's draft software up and running i think or something, i have tried taking photos of each pack with my SLR to get the whole contents before i pick too.

  3. MTGO has an option to save the draft picks to a .txt file, which I use. I copy-paste the info and edit it down to my picks, it takes some time but isn't too bad. I do like BPM's program though

  4. o crap, i didnt realise that was working again. I didnt realise they had that up since V.3,

    Guess that makes things easier than a pen pad and sore wrist.