Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Post M10 Merfolk....for every format.

By Jim Marlow

Hey everyone,

I hope everyone is doing great in Leeds and elsewhere, i am really excited to see everyone again, and im feeling confident about the PTQ.

I was a bit stuck on what to write for the next article, which is really annoying because i seem to come up with ideas when im working then when i get a day off i cant seem to string any sentences together.

I was going to leave it untill tomorrow to give a report on the WNM at Runik Games this week, when i spotted a little something in the Sam Black article on starcity today

Merfolk Sovereign - and how it may make merfolk playable again.

Anyone who knows me should know i have a fairly sexual relationship with our slippery cousins, and the deck i have had the most fun playing in magic was u/w merfolk from TSP_10th_LOR, so i checked it out on mtgsalvation....

'Other Merfolk creatures you control get +1/+1'

After a brief trouser change, i realised that this was indeed a reason to play merfolk again, in every freaking format around....

O wait, didnt WOTC take mana burn away....hello Wake Thrasher!!!!

This card is basically a garuantee that i will be playing merfolk in every constructed magic event i compete in the next year or so, sweet!

I was already tempted to play merfolk in legacy, then i was thinking u/g or U/G/r threshold, so anyway i knocked up some post M10 lists for standard, extended and legacy.


3 x stonybrook banneret
4 x stonybrook adept
4 x merrow reejerey
4 x merfolk sovereign
3 x reveillark
4 x wake thrasher
2 x sygg river guide

4 x cryptic command
3 x sage's dousing
3 x path to exile
2 x jace beleren

4 x glacial fortress
4 x wanderwine hub
4 x mystic gate
4 x mutavault
6 x island
2 x plains

This deck looks pretty sick, i havent done a board for any of the decks yet, i havent really looked at m10, and obviously there will be some metagame shifts due to it and the rotation in general. I may put sower of temptation in the main instead of the jace's though.


4 x cursecatcher
4 x lord of atlantis
4 x merrow reejerey
4 x merfolk sovereign
4 x silvergill adept

4 x ancestral vision
4 x mana leak
4 x spell snare
2 x cryptic command
2 x umezawa's jitte

4 x mutavault
2 x riptide laboratory
4 x wanderwine hub
14 x island


What i hate about this list, is that reading it is probably the biggest incentive to crap out of GP brighton i have....although its not like i need an incentive to do this.

4 x cursecatcher
4 x lord of atlantis
4 x silvergill adept
4 x merrow reejerey
4 x merfolk sovereign
2 x wake thrasher

4 x force of will
4 x daze
4 x standstill

4 x aether vial
2 x umezawa's jitte

4 x mutavault
4 x wasteland
12 x island

im pretty happy that 1 card has single handedly made me excited about M10, i should probably look at some of the other cards in the set now i guess.

See everyone at my house on friday, for a pre PTQ party.

Until then,

JimAs always,

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  1. Where is the good Sygg in the standard list?

  2. I'm so sygg of that card

  3. i think jace is a better draw engine in this type of control deck.

    none of the lists are even close to perfection yet....well maybe the one with ancestral vision in.

    Actually im pretty happy with the legacy deck, but i think the extended and standard lists are just pretty rough sketches of what could go in.