Sunday, 12 July 2009

Punt of the Week (sic) #2

By Wagz

Hi all, hope you have had / will have a good prerelease. As I am judging the Leeds Event I went elsewhere for my prereleasy action. It may have cost more than Leeds, but I need my fix dammit :). Anyway, onto today's punt. The guy has been playing twice as long as I have but looked like a young chap. In his pool he had a Garruk, a Bogardan Hellkite and a Fireball, among other nasties.

With Garruk in play, on one counter, and having 1 tapped Beast token and a Jackal Familiar (2/2 can't attack or block alone) against my 2/1 Lifelink creature only, I casually mentioned that the Overrun ability on Garruk is silly. So, he taps his 6 lands and uses Garruk to untap another 2. "Here come's the Hellkite", thought I. No!, he aims a Fireball at my guy and me. There's me sunk, but wait!. He's deliberating.. actually, he's just going to do the damage to my face, why kill my creature? Is it beacause I untap and attack his 2 counter Garruk with my 2/1 when he has only the Familiar with which to block? Maybe.. just maybe.

Not a punt, but I mind-tricked a win in my last game of my last match. My opponent is on 5 and I have Sign in Blood so I really want him to use his Goblin Artillery to kill my creature instead of doing so with a removal spell. I pick up the Artillery and look surprised and annoyed that I could lose my creature so easily. He taps his guy, goes to 2, attacks me to 4, I untap and let him draw 2.. gg!


  1. I was concerned this was going to be a different story when I saw the title... ;-)


  2. nice mind trick

    i love the 'pick up the card trick'

    what does path to exile do btw?

  3. Yours wasn't quite punt of the week Andy, it didn't really cost you the game or anything. Btw, in my boosters today I opened 5 duals, one of which is foily (got foil GW and normal UW in one booster) yays