Tuesday, 28 July 2009

M10 Sealed

By Jim Marlow

Hey everyone,

I have been busy at work and with various other distractions so im afraid i havent been doing too many articles or anything. I won a couple of boosters and got some more to make up a sealed pool, i was going to look at it and build it but seeing as the last one got a solid response i thought i would publish the pool anyway... although from the looks of it, the build is almost certainly g/b/r in some form.

1 x open the vaults
1 x master of the wild hunt
1 x goblin artillery
1 x prodigal pyromancer
1 x assassinate
2 x bramble creeper
1 x howl of the night pack
1 x overrun
1 x stampeding rhino
1 x siege gang commander
1 x darksteel colossus
1 x naturalize (foil)
1 x llanowar elves
1 x rampant growth
1 x pyroclasm
2 x deadly recluse
1 x disentomb
2 x doom blade
2 x razorfoot griffen
2 x essence scatter
1 x raging goblin
1 x excommunicate
1 x soul warden
1 x merfolk looter
2 x burst of speed
1 x ornithoper
1 x stone giant
1 x negate
2 x zombie goliath
1 x horned turtle
2 x kindled fury
1 x entangling vines
1 x lava axe
1 x divine verdict
1 x kelinore bat
1 x howling mine
1 x howling banshee
1 x wurm's tooth
1 x white knight
1 x jump
1 x palace guard
1 x sparkmage apprentice
1 x shatter
2 x burning inquiry
1 x serpent of the endless sea
1 x soul bleed
1 x lifelink
1 x jackal familiar
1 x convincing mirage
1 x air elemental
1 x wall of faith
1 x trumpet blast
1 x stormfront pegasus
1 x undead slayer
1 x diabolic tutor
1 x time scour
1 x righteousness
1 x telepathy
1 x unsummon
1 x veteran swordsmith
1 x unholy strength

Well that's the pool, i will add to the post with my final build tomorrow morning, but from where im sitting it's pretty straightforward, just a case of how much to splash black, because the g/r doesnt offer too many 3-5 mana dudes, but the deeper you go into black the less effective the howl of the night pack is, although the howl plus master of the wild hunt is pretty sexy, and so is siege gang, so i guess i would only splash for the 2 doom blades, assassinate and the kelinore bat maybe.

Anyway, have fun messing with this pool, once again i imagine iv missed a trick here.

More fun to come soon

Until then,


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  1. What a horrible pool for sealed. 5 playable blue cards, 6 playable red cards, 5-7 playable black cards depending on how much you like Dreg Reaver. I build the following and hope my mana loves me, expecting to go 2-1 or 3-2 or something:

    Soul Warden

    White Knight
    Stormfront Pegasus
    2 Deadly Recluse
    Rampant Growth
    2 Doom Blade

    Palace Guard
    Veteran Swordsmith
    Undead Slayer

    2 Razorfoot Griffin
    Master of the Wild Hunt
    Entangling Vines
    Divine Verdict

    Stampeding Rhino

    Howl of the Night Pack

    Darksteel Colossus

    2 Swamp
    8 Plains
    8 Forest

  2. I think Darksteel Colossus is pretty weak in M10 sealed.

  3. Well, I'm cheating a Tinker into my deck too. I only put it there to try it out, it can be replaced by Llanowar Elf easy enough.