Sunday, 21 June 2009

Refining Jund for Manchester

By Jim Marlow

Hey everyone,

I hope everyone enjoyed my tournament report, and if you havent read it then be sure to have a read.

I have been playing my jundy cascade rock deck for a while know, and i am still a little uncertain about it, but i think it has so much potential.


It has the ability to harness these cards -

maelstrom pulse
putrid leech
bloodbraid elf
jund charm

probably better than any other deck in the format.

I think up untill now G/B elves may have been the better way to exploit the power of putrid leech and maelstrom pulse (my current favourite creature and spell in standard....sorry vendilion clique, it's over)

But obviously since elves and rock deck became more popular, the door was wide open for the blue menace to enter the fray once more!

i know what your thinking, i predicted this by playing faeries during national qualifier season. I like to think that i am SOOO far ahead of the metagame, i play decks BEFORE they become good in a metagame, techy.

The rise of faeries means that i think the volcanic fallouts, jund charms and flame javelins are needed, and as long as i can get the mana right i think jund is becoming better and better positioned.

However, 'as long as i can get the mana right' is most definately easier said than done for someone as bad as me.

So here is what im playing at the moment

4 x anathemancer
4 x bloodbraid elf
4 x boggart ram-gang
4 x putrid leech
3 x sygg, river cutthroat
2 x chameleon colossus

4 x maelstrom pulse
2 x jund charm
2 x volcanic fallout
4 x flame javelin
3 x bituminous blast

4 x savage lands
2 x vivid marsh
1 x vivid grove
1 x vivid crag
2 x fire-lit thicket
2 x graven cairns
2 x twilight mire
4 x reflecting pool
2 x sulfurous springs
1 x llanowar wastes
1 x mountain
1 x forest
1 x swamp


2 x volcanic fallout
2 x cloudthresher
3 x deathmark
4 x kitchen finks
2 x thought hemorrhage
2 x pithing needle

I would really appreciate any help with this deck. I know im improving this deck, but sometimes when you have worked on or played with a deck for a while you cant see the wood for the trees, and maybe some of the cards i see as essential are just not.

The only thoughts i have had are to possibly remove a bituminous blast and/or a sygg river cutthroat. I think i am more concerned with the bituminous blast, simply because of the swingy nature of cascade.

Sure blast into bloodbraid elf and maelstrom pulse is a free win, but equally blast into leech or a second sygg is bad times.

Im not sure if the 3rd blast would serve better as a 25th land, or whether this more stable manabase can afford to be just 24 lands.

Please give me any feedback you can, i would love to get the deck up to scratch before the ptq, as another 0-2 would be a little embaressing.

See you all soon,

Until then,


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