Wednesday, 24 June 2009

FNM at Runik Games

By Jim Marlow

Hey everyone,

I hope the PTQ testing is going swimingly, i am certainly ready to bring the rain come the 4th of July in Manchester, hopefully this time i can get a match win.

Anyway, i'v just this second walked in from a great night of draft at Runik Games in Bury St Edmunds. I keep forgetting to comment on my fnm's because i have been a bit busy so they seem to come and go before i get the chance to write, so i made a point to do a bit on tonights debacle.

The format, due to lack of conflux boosters (who the hell has been buying those), was in fact Shards/Shards/Reborn, which was a little unorthadox, but hey its all good draft fun i guess.

My first pick was a pretty easy decision, with nothing special in pack except a tower gargoyle, tidehollow strix and crumbling necropolise, with the gargoyle as the obvious pick here.

I then get passed a tezzeret the seeker....

The rest of pack seems a little quiet, im pretty sure im being cut, with resounding wave type cards filling out a few weak picks before i get a late tidehollow strix into an arcane sanctum, nice.

Second pack i first pick a sanctum gargoyle, then get a 4th pick tower gargoyle. Other highlights include a 13th pick couriers capsule.

Reborn was mostly filling in with borderposts, esper stormblades and the shieldmage dude.

Here's my deck.

2 x tower gargoyle
1 x sanctum gargoyle
2 x talon trooper
2 x cloudhearth drake
1 x glassdust hulk
1 x fatesticher
1 x esper battlemage
1 x puppet conjurer
1 x tidehollow strix
1 x esper stormblade
1 x ethersworn shieldmage

2 x resounding wave
2 x couriers capsule
1 x crystalization
1 x slave of bolas
1 x oblivion ring
1 x mistvein borderpost
1 x tezzeret the seeker

6 x island
6 x plains
3 x swamp
1 x grixis panorama
1 x arcane sanctum

I hope you all agree that the deck is a pretty sick puppy, and i managed to take down the draft with it.

My only disappointment of the evening is not winning 1 match by comboing off with fatesticher, puppet conjurer and tezzeret. i thought it was quite clever to make all the humunculous i make by untapping into 5/5's, but apparently 3 tower gargoyles are better than 2, even if 1 costs 4.

See you all on friday night for testing and drinking, if anyone wants to!

Until then,


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  1. "Reborn was mostly filling in with borderposts, esper stormblades and the shieldmage dude."

    I like how you pluralise these then play 1 of each. Sick deck though... is Tower Gargoyle any good? I thought he died to Wrath

  2. yeah i was convinced i had at least 2 of each then i looked at my deck.

    I think it was just because i managed the savage lucksackery of T1 borderpost T2 stormblade almost every game

    Must be nice....