Wednesday, 3 June 2009

June Update + Magic Madness at Lincoln

By Jim Marlow

Hey Everyone,

As most of Team Leeds will know, i have now departed Leeds for most of the summer and have returned to become the monolithic 'Team Bury St Edmunds'. With 1, extrodinarily skilled player and a particularly catchy name, i dont see why we(i) wont be on the tour in no time.

Anyways, i hope everyone is having fun back in Leeds, i try to go home for the summer to give the rest of the people who play magic in Leeds a chance to win a few matches....and all that.

Having said that, anyone who keeps up with ratings will have notices my recent hemorrhage of rating points which i can only attribute to a succession of hugely punted games at 4 highly unsuccessful regionals. As you all know, my ratings mean a lot to me (Hawking reference anyone? no?), and soo this post will be my last......good bye.

Please be aware that this threat of suicide is far from serious, luckily i have had players like Andy 'Beard' Edwards losing by my side every step of the way to keep my morale absolutely tip-top...cheers Andy.

Many of you will be wondering if i am going to write anything either serious or of any value in this article....for the answer please refer to the other 52 hashed articles produced by myself and others.

Sadly, my loss of rating in a big way is not a joke, and i have lost over 100 points in both constructed and total, as well as around 20 in limited in about 6 weeks, which is pretty bad times. (im talking sub-1700 constructed now....*shudder*)

Im sure you guys will be glad to know i have been playing some magic down south. I went to Cambridge last night and went a respectable 2-1, which probably what i deserved with my deck but i was annoyed to have lost my first round which i know i could have easily won. I think i need high expectations of myself to maintain a high level of play, so im happy to be annoyed about losing here(does this make any sense?) Also, my 3rd round was a bit of a shambles - i have been toying with making a 'punt of the week' column ever since i had the pleasure of watching a certain puntington bear, so watch this space, because last nights was a howler - P.S not by me!


Magic Madness

This will be the second time the fantastic guys at Definitive Games have run a magic madness event, and let me tell you im very excited.

I met Chris Alsopp at regionals in Leicester, we had a great game and did some nice trading afterwards. He also gave me a leaflet about a magic event it sounded cool, but i went happily on my way, knowing i probably wouldnt go.

Then at Altrincham regionals i played in a draft, and afterwards i traded with the guy, who i later found out was another members of the Definitive Games team. Sorry dude, i didnt get your name but you were cool too, and also kindly gave me info about Magic Madness

So when i got home i emptied my bag, and found said leaflet, this is how far i got

1st place - CASE (216 x boosters)


yessir, a case of boosters, which i have heard is a pretty damn good prize for 1st place on a 65 person cap.

Looks like im going to Lincoln this saturday then, well i hope so because i have paid for the tournament (£20) over the internet already, another awesome feature from definitive games.

Im pretty torn between playing the deck i want to play, and playing faeries. I thought faeries might be a decent deck to make a comeback a couple of regionals ago, but i really dont know if i want to play it again, and i think i would like to try something a little bit different, so here's what i will probably play (i say probably, when anyone who knows me will know i will change on the day)

4 x figure of destiny
4 x putrid leech
4 x anathemancer
4 x boggart ram gang
4 x bloodbraid elf
3 x sygg, river cutthroat

4 x maelstrom pulse
3 x volcanic fallout
3 x magma spray
3 x flame javelin

4 x savage lands
2 x ghitu encampment
2 x fire-lit thicket
2 x graven cairns
1 x twilight mire
1 x llanowar wastes
2 x sulphurous springs
2 x reflecting pool
4 x mountain
2 x forest
2 x swamp


4 x kitchen finks
2 x primal command
2 x infest
2 x cloudthresher
3 x thoughtseize
2 x thought hemorrhage

Im pretty happy with the deck, im still unsure about a couple cards, namely figure of destiny and flame javelin. I think i either commit to both or neither, replacing with bituminous blasts and chameleon colossus x 3 and the 4th volcanic fallout. However, this makes the deck a bit slower and it means i dont have too many chances to trigger sygg on the opponants turn.

I thought about incinerate, but it kills neither clique or colossus, so i would still need either blasts or flame javelins.

Anyway, please feel free to give feedback on this deck, and maybe ill ship you one of my 216 boosters, but probably not!

See you all soon,

Until then,


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  1. Andy & Jim, punting all over the world.

    If you ever need a new name for this Blog, or if I start writing for it, may I tentatively suggest the name "Punting with Pascoli".

    In jokes FTW.