Thursday, 25 June 2009

Legacy deck

By Jim Marlow

Hey everyone,

I hope all is well in the Team Leeds camp, and everyone is super psyched for manc, there are certainly enough Team Leeds members going to make it embaressing for us to not make top 8, if not the blue envelope, so here's hoping.

Anyway, Rik has recently pointed out that for those who rip an abortion of a sealed pool there is more to do than beat Mario Pascoli all day at the gunslinging table all day, as there is an Ipod up for grabs at the legacy tournament.

I really do not know enough about legacy, except that it is amazingly fun, and some of the spells are pretty fucking retarded....

My proposed deck for the event is kind of a mix between a conventional counter-top deck and a U/G threshold deck, but also using standstill (which i have no idea if it has a place in the deck)

Here's the list i have made

4 x nimble mongoose
4 x tarmogoyf
4 x lorescale coatl
2 x trygon predator

4 x force of will
4 x daze
3 x standstill
4 x brainstorm
2 x ponder
3 x stifle

3 x sensei's divining top
3 x counterbalance
2 x umezawa's jitte

4 x polluted delta
2 x flooded strand
4 x tropical island
4 x wasteland
2 x mishra's factory
2 x island

Im not really sure if lorescale coatl is worth playing or is any better than werebear, which has the infinitely funnier name, and so probably deserves the slot for no other reason.

Also, im not sure if the standstill is relevent in this type of deck, but i thought with goyfs and the coatl's growing and/or the ability to arrange the counterbalance/top combo i can create multiple softlocks whilst still being an aggressive deck

Saying that, i would like to play the maximum number of stifle's and ponders, which seems to be the norm for UG threshold decks, and cutting the standstills would allow me to do this.

I really have no idea whether this is worth playing, or if the deck is an absolute pile, so please give me a few pointers if you can.

Also, i have a partial sideboard of the obvious, but im not entirely sure what else i need to be prepared against and/or how to combat it.

See you all soon, and look out for a facebook message coming round about preparation for PTQ Manchester.

Until then,


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  1. I don't know that much about Legacy, but if it's a Standstill deck then does it want 4 of them? Feels like the deck is trying to pull in too many directions, I dunno. Need to test it anyway 'cos these are unfounded comments