Friday, 5 June 2009

Drafting with Jim - #8

By Jim Marlow

Hey everyone,

For some reason i have a weekend off, hooray for the credit crunch causing people to not get married. Also, it means i can play a bit more magic, im pretty excited about going to Lincoln because i have heard a lot of good things about the city.

Iv got another draft for you guys, this time a jund deck. It could have been a lot better than it is but as im writing this i just won my first round so who knows.

Pack 1, pick 1 - Agony warp

I took this over fatesticher and vithian stinger, it seems pretty obvious to me.

Pack 1, pick 2 - Arcane sanctum

pretty good second pick, im happy taking this over a wild nacatl, viscera dragger and blood cultist

Pack 1, pick 3 - thunder thrash elder

I know right, but this pack was just poo.

Pack 1, pick 4 - resounding thunder

Obviously this is pretty late, looks like im going to have to move to grixis or cut jund hard seeing as iv passed a couple of good cards.

Pack 1, pick 5 - goblin assault

Easily better than a blister beetle, this card is awesome too, makes the thunder thrash elder less poo too!

Pack 1, pick 6 - necrogenesis

Looks like im full blown jund here, i thought about the goblin deathraiders but i love this card too much

Pack 1, pick 7 - obelisk of jund

Pack 1, pick 8 - dregscape zombie

Remaining picks - corpse connosieur, incurable ogre, gift of the gargantuan, volcanic submersion, dragon's herald, mountain, island

Pack 2, pick 1 - Banefire

pretty good, i hear.

Pack 2, pick 2 - Soul's Majesty

Pack 2, pick 3 - ember weaver

Pack 2, pick 4 - Wretched banquet

Pack 2, pick 5 - wild leotau

Annoying to be passing a voices from the void because i love it but this is probably my favourite conflux common

Pack 2, pick 6 - macta rioters

Pack 2, pick 7 - exploding borders

This was a tough pick, there was a spore burst and filligree fracture in there too. Not sure if this is right.

Pack 2, pick 8 - exploding borders

Pack 2, pick 9 - aerie mystics

Pack 2, pick 10 - sylvan bouty

Nice late surprise

Remaining picks - court humunculous, infectious horror, mountain, mountain, island.

Pack 3, pick 1 - rhox brute

Not a great pack here, and i like this guy.

Pack 3, pick 2 - gorger wurm

Another weak pack

Pack 3, pick 3 - kathari bomber

I think this guy is better for me than putrid leech and colossal might.

Pack 3, pick 4 - firewild borderpost

Pack 3, pick 5 - gorger wurm

Pack 3, pick 6 - mage slayer

I havent had much experiance with it but im told this is pretty sick, i took it over a jund hackblade

Pack 3, pick 7 - valley ranner

Pack 3, pick 8 - monstrous carabid

Remaining picks - esper stormblade, fieldmist borderpost, singe mind ogre, dragon appeasement, esper sojourners, breath of malfegor, forest.

Here's my decklist.

1 x wretched banquet
1 x necrogenesis
1 x dregscape zombie
1 x firewild borderpost
1 x mage slayer
1 x resounding thunder
1 x goblin assault
1 x ember weaver
1 x kathari bomber
1 x thunder thrash elder
2 x exploding borders
1 x rhox brute
1 x wild leotau
1 x incurable ogre
1 x souls majesty
1 x volcanic submersion
1 x corpse connosieur
2 x gorger wurm
1 x sylvan bounty
1 x valley rannet
1 x banefire

7 x forest
7 x mountain
3 x swamp

I ended up losing in round 2 with this deck to a 5 colour exalted deck which made aven squire on turn 2 both games he won. Game 2 i managed to stall and get enough damage in so i could banefire for 9 for the win, but i kept a slow hand game 3 and my opponant made turn 2 aven squire into turn 3 exated looter guy and turn 4 rhox brute, not much my exploding borders can do about that.

See you all soon

Until then,


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  1. What else was in pack 3? Pack 4 says you should be in Grixis for sure. Also, the Corpse Connosieur you got at pick 9 must have been in your opening pack but you didn't consider it then? Shame there weren't any Grixis Slavedrivers, he's nuts with CC :D

  2. I cant remember what was in pick 3. Yeah i considered the connosieur but realistically i wasnt taking him over agony warp, stinger or fatesticher.

    No slavedrivers either. shame

    Probably should have gone more towards grixis than jund, too, yeah.