Monday, 15 June 2009

Drafting with Jim - #9

By Jim Marlow

Hey Everyone,

Hopefully everyone in Leeds is ok, i was lucky enough to bump into a few guys at the PTQ in Leicester this weekend, ill have a report up for it in the nexty couple of days, because im waiting for Chris from Phoenix Games to send me some pictures he took at the event, so look out for that in the next couple of days (P.S - it wont be very long).

Anyways, i sold off a ton of rares i had accumulated from drafting over the last few weeks. I never seem to open anything valuable, but recently got some lucky rips with a foil jenara, ajani, sarkhan etc. I was going to try and redeem a set of shards, but i really cant be bothered, and selling off a load of stuff netted me like 65 tix, so i can get at least 5 drafts in hopefully.

Pack 1, pick 1 - flameblast dragon

Only a naya charm and tidehollow strix make up quite a weak pack, aside from the sick good bomb which is pretty good for me.

Pack 1, pick 2 - souls fire

Decent removal when you have a fat guy, and the only other picks are algae gharial and blood cultist, both which i have started to value less than i did (yes everyone, my love affair with algae gharial is over!)

Pack 1, pick 3 - souls fire

mise well nab another.

Pack 1, pick 4 - drumhunter

My love affair with drumhunter is certainly not over!

Pack 1, pick 5 - rakeclaw gargantuan

only a dregscape zombie of note

Pack 1, pick 6 - rakeclaw gargantuan

Pack 1, pick 7 - godtoucher

Remaining picks - souls might, viashino skeleton, cylian elf, welkin guide, behemoths herald, bloodthorn taunter, onyx goblet, island

Pack 2, pick 1 - Goblin razarunners

I love this guy, he works really well with naya sojourners too, which i will be picking higher with both this guy and drumhunter. Also, if i get stalled in late game he is problematic

Pack 2, pick 2 - dark temper

Im not sure whether this is better than the nacatl hunt pride that i passed, but i think so.

Pack 2, pick 3 - rhox meditant

I actually like this guy a lot now.

Pack 2, pick 3 - ember weaver

I need some more red permanents, but hopefully i can fill out my lower curver with blades etc, The gleam of resistance is tempting but a beaver is a beaver!

Pack 2, pick 4 - fiery fall

Pack 2, pick 5 - filigree fracture

love this card when everyone is bumming esper, but i would have liked the rhox meditant too, maybe it was the pick considering my low creature count.

Pack 2, pick 6 - filigree fracture (foil)

Sylvan bounty is tempting, but you can get them really late anyways.

Pack 2, pick 7 - scattershot archer

Pack 2, pick 8 - spore burst

Remaining picks - sylvan bounty, aerie mystics, kranioceros, rotting rats, plains, swamp

Pack 3, pick 1 - Lavalanche

is this really worth the splash?

Pack 3, pick 2 - madrush cyclops.

I think i partly made this pick because he has a funny face, but i dont know. The only other option was naya sojourners. I am in desperate need of 2-3 mana guys.

Pack 3, pick 3 - valley rannet

So i pick a 6 mana guy right, this pick should have been vithian renegades i think, never mind.

Pack 3, pick 4 - wildfield borderpost

Pack 3, pick 5 - giant ambush beetle

Pack 3, pick 6 - pale recluse

Pack 3, pick 7 - jund sojourners

Remaining picks - sigilled behemoth, putrid leech, valley rannet, wargate, nulltread gargantuan, sigilled behemoth, breath of malfegor, forest.

Here's the deck i made

1 x cylian elf
1 x putrid leech
1 x wildfield borderpost
1 x dark temper
2 x souls fire
1 x ember weaver
1 x filigree fracture
1 x drumhunter
1 x goblin razerunners
1 x madrush cyclops
1 x rhox meditant
1 x giant ambush beetle
1 x naya sojourners
2 x rakeclaw gargantuan
1 x welkin guide
1 x fiery fall
1 x sylvan bounty
1 x flameblast dragon
1 x pale recluse
1 x valley rannet
1 x lavalanche

5 x forest
6 x mountain
4 x plains
2 x swamp

Sadly i crapped out in the first match of this draft. The deck i drafted had very little resistance to early beats of any description, and turn 1 nacatl both games against me was good enough for 6 and 8 damage respectively, by which time i had more to deal with and my opponant had drawn the removal he needed anyway.

Its a shame because i think with a couple of steward of valerons or other creatures this deck could have been really sick, o well.

I might head to a couple more ptq's if i have the money and time off work ( very unlikely), so maybe ill see you there.

Until then,


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