Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Punt of the week - #1

By Jim Marlow

Hey everyone,

Obviously the purpose of this blog is more about how the rest of Team Leeds and myself are getting on as well as some more general articles about decks, magic theory etc i dont like to seem to above my station as i know im a pretty awful player.

Luckily, being as bad as me i get to see, and more often make, many hilarious mistakes that i really wish i could share with more people than the person sitting across from me.

Just to let everyone know, i dont want to come across badly and be using names, or have this article use names to let everyone know how bad certain people are at magic, so if you are commenting or sending in suggestions for punt of the week, please dont use names or write maliciously about anyone, cheers.

Anyway, on with the hilarity

Its round 3 of a draft i recently played in, and im playing a pretty decent naya deck against a good esper deck, which i know has sen triplets, tower gargoyle, and various other items.

Game 1 - opponant plays tidehollow sculler, i show sigil captain, resounding silence, and 2 lands. my opponant takes the sigil captain, then 2 turns later attacks with 2 men.....

Game 2 - i have branching bolt in my opening hand, but get really aggresive with valeron outlander into hushblade. I have a rhox brute in hand but im unsure whether to play it or keep bolt mana up. I play the brute. Opponant plays tidehollow sculler, i reveal branching bolt, sigil captain, valley rannet and a land. Opponant takes valley rannet then makes esper stormblade (the one that flies).......

I had to step outside for a couple seconds after this match.

Anyway, i know this column will be pretty popular seeing as there are soo many huge steaming mistakes made at Leeds and elsewhere round the country, so send them in to the usual email address (at the bottom) and ill post one a week, or more if i can.

See you all soon

Until then,


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1 comment:

  1. Some noob at Leeds this week managed to drsft an awesome Wild Leotau, but then punt with it every time he got it into play.

    1st time, he forgot to pay the upkeep.

    2nd time, he forgot he had a madrush cyclops, and didn't swing for the win with it.

    Obviously, that noob is me.

    Although, apparently, Broodmate still wins drafts ;-)