Thursday, 21 May 2009

Deck tech - g/b elves rock

By Jim Marlow

Hey everyone,

Yep, Sunday is fast approaching, and if i make it to newcastle it will be the 4th nationals qualifier i have played in this year, so hopefully i can do the business this time. For anyone who has tracked my past events, i have played pretty much every deck in standard over the last month or so (obv except b/w, the good deck!), and i although i found a deck i like in the jund cascade deck, i wanted to try g/b elves to see if it really is worth playing.

Here's the list i have been testing with

4 x llanowar elves
4 x wren's run vanquisher
4 x putrid leech
4 x kitchen finks
4 x wilt leaf liege
2 x chameleon colossus

4 x infest
4 x maelstrom pulse
3 x thoughtseize
3 x profane command

4 x gilt leaf palaca
4 x twilight mire
3 x llanowar wastes
3 x treetop village
6 x forest
4 x swamp


4 x deathmark
1 x thoughtseize
3 x garruk wildspeaker
2 x cloudthresher
3 x mind shatter
2 x primal command

Overall im really happy with the deck. Chameleon colossus is a real problem for any deck playing g/b or jund colours because they can really deal with it, but wren's run vanquisher is good against it.

Obviously the infests in the main are a concession to the token and white weenie decks around.

Profane command is such a good finisher, and i think thoughtseize is key in the mirror or jund decks.

I think i have pretty much all bases covered with this deck, and i am really torn between this and the cascade deck. I think this deck is much better because of the lack of decent control decks at the moment, but knowing me if i play this i will play faeries and reveillark all day.

The only problem i can see really is the low elf count for the vanquisher and gilt leaf palace, but vanquisher turn 2 is not that important as this deck isnt meant to be super aggresive, and also i cut one of the treetop villages so that even if gilt leaf palace comes in tapped i havent got to many CIPT lands, plus i imagine treetop to be a prime pithing needle target nowadays.

Constructed criticism would be really helpful,



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  1. Hey Dude:)

    Been enjoying reading your articles, not really read into the state of standard much before and its quite an eye-openener.

    Was wondering if you intend to head down to London on the 30/05 for the qualifiers in Bloomsbury? I am considering it. Made a couple of new decks I'm keen to have a crack with, if you are going to be about campus tomorrow afternoon at all and fancy a few games then let me know as I finally have a few hours to myself!

    Take care, Seb

  2. I honestly haven't seen anyone advocate Thoughtseize in Standard in a long time outside of Faeries, and even then it was overshadowed by Ponder et. al. It is a horrible Topdeck and only playing 3 means you are unlikely to have 1 in your opening grip all the time. You simply don't have enough of a discard-based strategy for the card being any more than paying 2 life to have both players mulligan. Instead you should play a more synergistic card for the deck or more creature-based removal like Shriekmaw or Murderous Redcap. In all honesty, I would go over to the 5 Colour Bloodbraid again - pet decks don't win tournaments, type 1 decks do. Also, there are no control decks around that need Mind Shattering at the moment and Scepter of Fugue outdated that card anyway. This deck would have been good a year ago but I don't believe it is viable for the current game.

  3. Maybe thoughtseize in the board if you are going to run it, but not maindeck anyway.