Saturday, 23 May 2009

5cb for newcastle regionals

By Jim Marlow

Hey everyone,

Sadly, for those few of you who attended the draft at TJ's this Thursday, you would have known it was sadly my last event in Leeds for a while because im going home for the summer. Luckily for the millions of readers of this blog, i will still be writing articles, except this time i will be regaling tales of how badly im doing in Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds. Luckily for me, i think most of the 11 man pod were overcome with emotion at me leaving and allowed me a cheeky 6th pick tower gargoyle, my second of the draft, as you do, but i still only manage 2-1 with it. (ill stick to 8-4's methinks)

Anyways, newcastle is looking like it will probably be my last regional qualifier of this season, and im feeling pretty confident, mostly because my rating has taken a battering by doing craply for 2 months solid, i havent qualified for nationals, and i have nothing really to lose....except for the first 2 rounds on sunday obv.

I know London is also an option later in the year but when im at home over the summer i work like 40 hour weeks and i cant really put in any hours deckbuiling or testing.

After a long period of being told this deck was good, and me building it and not believing it, i have finally given in to the dark side, and built myself a 5cc deck using the cascade engine of bloodbraid elf and bituminous blast.

Here's my current list (when i write current, be aware that by the time you have finished this sentence there i will have more than likely changed at least 5-10 cards)

4 x kitchen finks
4 x anathemancer
4 x bloodbraid elf
4 x mulldrifter

4 x cryptic command
2 x bituminous blast
3 x volcanic fallout
3 x maelstrom pulse
2 x wrath of god
2 x runed halo
2 x cruel ultimatum

26 lands (still working on manabase)

1 x pyroclasm
1 x maelstrom pulse
1 x volcanic fallout
1 x wrath of god
1 x runed halo
2 x cloudthresher
2 x jace beleren
2 x identity crisis
2 x thought hemorrhage
2 x broodmate dragon

Obviously the starting point for this was Pat Chapins newest list for 5 colour control, i think i posted a link to it in one of the other articles. Obviously my list is a little different, with mulldrifters in the place of putrid leech and runed halo in the main deck. I think if i play a deck like this i would like to maindeck runed halo, at least as a one of, especially because without the putrid leech's i am more likely to hit it with bloodbraid elf.

Anyway, thats the list im working with, i pains me to cut putrid leech but i hate not having mulldrifter in there, and also if i play putrid leech i just wonder why im not playing just the jund colours and saving myself for being so poised to take a rogering from anathemancer.

Anyways, enjoy the list, if your going on sunday ill see you there, ill probably be playing RDW by then.


Just a final note to say that the keen eye among you will have spotted that this article is the 49th, and the tournament report of my 2 rounds in newcastle will be number 50. Im really happy i have been able to keep this up this long, and i wouldnt have done it had it not been for all the comments left and people telling me they have been reading, and hopefully enjoying the sutff on here, so keep reading and commenting and ill keep writing stuff, and hopefulyl rope some good players to write some things too!



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  1. jund charm >> fallout, unless you don't think your manabase will support it, in which case why are you playing cruel + cryptic?

    RFG-ing opposing anathemancers from the graveyard or resetting your kitchen finks are much better than resolving pyroclasm vs the one faerie deck in the room, IMO.

  2. yeah im switching between the two, obv jund charm is better but i think i would like a better chance of casting it turn 3, otherwise i was going to put some pyroclasms in, im assuming chapin has his in for the same reason.

    I think if i can cast fallout turn 3 i can cast jund charm though.

  3. 5CB can suck my balls.