Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Deck tech - the evolution of 5cb to 3cb

By Jim Marlow

Hey everyone,

Having done pretty badly with faeries at altrincham, which although was quite likely given the current environment, i feel could have easily gone a different way, and i felt a lot better about the way i played.

I was happy with the peppersmoke tech too. I forgot to say in the report but the first game of the tournament went like this

Me: mutavault.

Opponant: plains, figure of destiny.

Me: secluded glen, reveal peppersmoke, activate mutavault and peppersmoke figure.

I could have probably dropped from the tournament a happy man having done this, its always great when things you do work.

As i said in my article however, i am really tempted (if i get to go to newcastle) to play a deck with the new cascade cards in, because having toyed with bituminous blast in draft, it is so fun and very, very powerful.

There are very few decks around abusing cascade, i know there is a gruul aggro deck, but i dont really like it, but Patrick Chapin has been advocating changing 5cc to a more cascady type dekc for a while, so i started with his build.

This is what i started with - http://www.deckcheck.net/deck.php?id=26110

Obviously this is a long stretch from th plumeveil, wall of reverence 5cc, but its still very powerful.

I tinkered with the deck a bit, trying to find room for mulldrifters which i missed and also runed halo, because opposing anathemancers are crippling to play against, and it seems everyone is starting to realise how good the card is.

So without cutting the runed halos i was unable to cut white, and obviously cryptic meant there was no way i could cut blue. In the end, therefore, i cut both. Although both cards, especially cryptic are ridiculously powerful, i wanted to try out the deck in just jund colours, because surely i could tidy the manabase so that i wouldnt need to halo anathemancer anyway, nor bend over backwards for my cryptic mana on the back of turns 1,2 and 3 vivid lands.

This is the deck i have come up with, i still think it may need a bit more work, but i think as it is currently it is certainly playable.

4 x putrid leech
4 x kitchen finks
4 x anathemancer
4 x bloodbraid elf
3 x chameleon colossus
2 x broodmate dragon

4 x jund charm
3 x maelstrom pulse
3 x bituminous blast
4 x rampant growth
1 x loxodon warhammer

4 x savage lands
3 x treetop village
3 x firelit thicket
3 x twilight mire
4 x forest
4 x swamp
3 x mountain

4 x deathmark
3 x volcanic fallout
2 x cloudthresher
2 x makeshift mannequin
2 x thought hemorrhage
2 x primal command

Obviously i havent got a lot of experiance with the deck, but i cant see any reasons why it cant be a winner.

I would like to get the 4th maelstrom pulse in there somewhere, i toyed with taking out the 4th anathemancer, but there are very few matches where he isnt good enough to warrent his slot (rdw and mono white), so i cant bring myself to do it. I really like the rampant growths, because they quite easily get you turn 3 colossus or bloodbraid elf which can really be ridiculous.

Also, bituminous blast into colossus is pretty much the sex. Im not sure if the current format warrants the 3rd bituminous blast becoming the 4th maelstrom pulse instead, but i really love cascade so im finding it hard to take it out.

Anyway, i would really appreciate your thoughts on this.

If anyone is driving to newcastle on the weekend, please get in touch if there is room in the car for me, obviously i would help with the petrol costs. If not, if anyone wants to get a train there im happy to look into that possibility. my email is at the bottom.

See you all soon.

Until then,


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  1. "If you're not playing Cryptic Command, you're not trying hard enough. If you're not playing Cryptic Command and you're also not playing Spectral Procession then you're not trying at all". Was that what you said Andy?