Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Drafting with Jim - #6

By Jim Marlow

Hey everyone,

I hope everyone is enjoying the articles going up the last couple of weeks, we are coming up to 50 articles which is great, i wasnt even sure myself if this thing would last more than a couple weeks, but its going strong 2 months or so in, and it's quite scary to think that at the current rate the blog would be producing 300 articles a year

The notes for this draft are really scattered because my housemates were trying to use my printer when i was drafting, and it's hard enough to record some of the cards in a pack on my own anyway.

Here we go.

Pack 1, pick 1 - resounding thunder

I hate passing a branching bolt because it's so good, and there are a lot fewer with only the 2 packs of shards, but thunder is better and a more open pick.

Pack 1, pick 2 - executioners capsule

a bit annoying to pass a jungle shrine but the capsule is definately the pick, hopefully il get me some good fixing later

Pack 1, pick 3 - drumhunter

I hate being faced the pick between drumhunter and vithian stinger, and it seems to be happening often, but my favourite archetype right now is r/g/x fat men, and drumhunter is just better in that type of deck.

Pack 1, pick 4 - magma spray

The removal is far better than the court archers here

Pack 1, pick 5 - mosstodon

Pack 1, pick 6 - cavern thoctar

2 guys to trigger drumhunter already!

Remaining picks - lightning talons, exhuberant firestoker, yoked plowbeast, welkin guide, rockcaster platoon, viashino skeleton, goblin mountaineer, island, island

Pack 2, pick 1 - naya charm

Although i think someone to my left is probably naya, i have a welkin guide and rockcaster allready, so im probably playing white as my third colour and possibly splashing the executioners capsule so its worth the pick over the resounding thunder

Pack 2, pick 2 - topan ascetic

i much prefer this guy to sprouting thrinax because he is a pain to deal with, and much easier to cast

Pack 2, pick 3 - cavern thoctar

There was also a where ancients tread in the pack, and i was really tempted, but im hoping it will table

Pack 2, pick 4 - drumhunter

Double drumhunter, again. This deck is getting silly.

Pack 2, pick 5 - rakeclaw gargantuan

Pack 2, pick 6 - elvish visionary

A cavern thoctar here is good, but i need some low mana cost guys

Pack 2, pick 7 - necrogenesis

I love this card

Pack 2, pick 8 - incurable ogre

Remaining picks - grixis panorama, resounding roar, swerve, volcanic submersion, bloodthorn taunter, undead leotau, mountain.

Pack 3, pick 1 - Wild leotau

I havent got enough black permanents to make me pick dark temper over this guy, might be wrong here though

Pack 3, pick 2 - dark temper

Pack 3, pick 3 - beacon behemoth

Pack 3, pick 4 - celestial purge

Pack 3, pick 5 - sylvan bounty

Some well needed mana fixing

Pack 3, pick 6 - sylvan bounty

Pack 3, pick 7 - rhox meditant

Pack 3, pick 8 - mark of asylum

Remaining picks - nacatl outlander, valeron outlander, voices from the void (foil), toxic iguanar, nacatl outlander, nacatl savage, swamp

Final decklist -

1 x magma spray
1 x resounding roar
1 x elvish visionary
1 x celestial purge
1 x nacatl outlander
1 x valeron outlander
1 x dark temper
1 x naya charm
1 x resounding thunder
1 x topan ascetic
1 x exhuberant firestoker
2 x drumhunter
1 x wild leotau
1 x incurable ogre
1 x mosstodon
1 x rakeclaw gargantuan
1 x welkin guide
2 x sylvan bounty
2 x cavern thoctar
1 x rockcaster platoon

8 x forest
5 x mountain
4 x plains

I was pretty happy with the deck, i would have liked more mans fixing, as always, but didnt see any relevent panoramas when there wasnt just a ridiculous pick, which was really annoying. I cut the black splash due to my lack of fixing and i think it was the right choice, however, i did bomb out in the first round in a 3 game epic, which was a real shame because i thought my deck was far superior to my opponants.

I will hopefully remember to record my draft at magic this Thursday at TJ's, which will be the last draft report for a while.

Until then,


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