Saturday, 16 May 2009

Faeries for regionals, Really!!

By Jim Marlow

Hey everyone,

I have all but decided on my deck for my trip to altrincham tomorrow, im going to have a bash with my old friend mistbind clique.

The current standard environment is quite hostile to faeries right now, obviously wizards have printed a lot of hosers to finally finsh faeries off.

Bearing all of that in mind however, i still think i have a decent chance with faeries in altrincham, certainly better than sleeving up something i havent played with for a long time.

I am a pretty good player with the faeries deck, and i certainly think there are ways to win with it still. The fact that volcanic fallout exists is pretty annoying, but everyone knows it exists, and the decks that play it.

I think if i was playing in a serious tourament faeries would certainly be a worse choice than at regionals, because the average play skill of the regionals is not that great, and there will be lots of different types of deck there, so it wont necessarily be full of b/w tokens. Faeries is a resiliant deck and has a pretty good chance against anything, so i think at regionals more than other tournaments its probably worth a pop.

Here's my list

4 x spellstutter sprite
4 x mistbind clique
3 x scion of oona
3 x vendilion clique

3 x jace beleren

4 x cryptic command
4 x broken ambitions
3 x terror
4 x bitterblossom
3 x thoughtseize

4 x secluded glen
4 x sunken ruins
2 x underground river
4 x mutavault
8 x island
3 x swamp


4 x infest
3 x scepter of fugue
3 x sower of temptation
2 x puppeteer clique
2 x negate



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  1. Hey, I'm also a fellow faeries player. I would highly suggest SB'ing or removing thoughtseizes, to up the scion of oona count to 4x, and maindecking sower of temptation.

    t2 bb, t3, scion, t4 sower is pretty game defining against aggro

    The thoughtseizes are really only good against the mirror and 5cc, Matchups, that faeries have an advantage in already (Against 5cc, faeries have better MU after sideboard due to equal card advantage, and better/more counters.)

    Also, the vendillion cliques are too fragile imo in today's meta (killed by 1/1 spectral procession to get 3 for 1'ed.)

    I think against the tokens deck, you really need to maintain card advantage and make sure your tokens are equally large if not larger than your opponents. (Scion vs Glorious Anthem/Ajani Goldmane) And Zealous Persecution is such nasty ARB tech.
    I'd go with some peppersmokes to replace the clique as it kills a token and replaces itself, enabling you to draw an answer in its stead.

    And as always, you really can't do anything against RDW/blightning aggro MUs.

  2. Hi, there.

    I really appreciate the feedback, and yeah as always rdw/blightning is a shame, but the recent tournaments i have played in suggest that it's not that popular anyway, i think its a case of dodging it round 1.

    With regard to thoughtseizes and vendilion clique, i put them in as a way to strip the important cards out of the token players hand. There is not a great deal i can do about turn 3 spectral procession except broken ambitions, so the thoughtseizes and cliques are an attempt to strip them from the token players.

    Also, i am a huge fan of sower of temptation, but i think the current meta is defined by spectral procession / windbrisk height decks, and i think sower just isnt getting the value at the moment by stealing a spirit token, rather than him hitting chameleon colossus or something.

    Also, i really wanted to put the 3rd jace in which is why i cut the 4th scion, i was reluctant but i think this deck relies moreso on mistbind clique than it did previously because of volcanic fallout, which scion is pretty bad against.

    Im really interested by your comments though, because i used to play fae with the suggestions you made, but changed it to the decklist in the article specifically for these reasons, perhaps i am making a grave error?

  3. It's really a meta call like you've mentioned. I don't see anything truly wrong with the deck; just what you want to tailor your deck against.

    I'm anticipating a huge showing of Chapin's 5CC aggro, which is why I'm not a huge fan of the clique.

    Additionally, the large presence of aggro makes Thoughtseize counterproductive when racing. It is useful against control matchups, so perhaps sideboarding them would be alright.

    Tokens MU is pretty 55/45 favorable matchup imo. You can't keep up if they draw the nutz with the traditional template, but fortunately people are tending towards the persist-pseudo control version that GerryT and LSV are promoting. That gives BW tokens a worse faeries MU.