Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Charity raffle for Finks' marathon run

By Jim Marlow

Hey everyone,

Although i will do an announcement on here closer to the event for the regionals going on in Leeds on the 18th, most of you will already know.

I hope that everyone also knows that alongside the regionals tournament that Rik will be holding a raffle to raise money for Sense International (hope i got the name right?), in support of the Team Leeds member, Matt kitchen 'finks' who will be running the London marathon on the 26th of April.

The hope is that people will be kind enough to donate cards, boosters, or anything else that can be used as prizes for the raffle, so if you have anything lying about that you could spare, please email either myself, or Rik Powell to let us know.

I have arranged for Rik to contact me giving me the list of prizes already donated, which i will publish in follow up articles every few days as the list (hopefully) grows. I have also asked Finks to write a couple of paragraphs about Sense International to give people an idea of the good work that their money or prizes will help to continue.

I am aware that a bitterblossom has already been donated by Finks, and that alongside this there is a box of future sight and loads of other judge / promo foils and other cards.

I am going to add to these by donating the following

1 x bitterblossom
1 x foil mpr cryptic command
2 x nicol bolas, plainswalker
4 x foil promo ajani vengeant
4 x foil promo doubtless dourbark (thought id never be rid of these!!)

I hope these cards both drum up some more interest in the raffle, so we can raise more money for Matt, and spur other people to donate cards or boosters to the cause too. Why not, if your drafting between now and the 18th, donate your prize boosters, or even just 1 if you win more than 1, to the raffle.

Anyway, i will keep people posted on the donations and Sense International in the next few days. Hope the draft goes well in Leeds tomorrow, i will doing the second drafting with Jim from Runi games, which will be going up thursday.


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