Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Draft Simulators

By Wagz

Hi all! I'll be helping out with this Blog as and when I feel I have something to write. I'd like to combine my introductory article with giving the link for a draft practice website:

You need to sign up (free) to try them out, but note that this isn't real practice. I use this website when new sets come out to get a feel for what boosters will look like when I open them, so you can see what strategies might begin to present themselves. The main downsides with these things is that the bots run on the experience and card evaluation of others, so at the moment cards like Wild Nacatl and Hissing Iguanar can be picked up in bunches of 3 or 4, even in a SSC draft. Also, you don't get to experience actually playing the decks you construct from your draft pile.

In conclusion, online bot drafters are terrible and you cannot get real practice of drafting from them. You can however, get realistic ideas about what cards get opened in what frequencies, which is valuable information when new sets get released. I wish MTGO v3.0 was still in the beta testing stage so I could do 3-4 drafts a day again for free, they were good times.

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