Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Tournament report for WNM, 18th March 2009

By Jim Marlow

Tonight saw 14 players drafting Shards/Shards/Conflux in Leeds, a good turnout considering two players came wishing to test constructed formats instead, and because of university demands a few players had already said they were'nt coming.

Congratulations are in order for Steve Tyson and Fu Sheng Wong for winning their pods, these are their decklists and 1st picks from the draft.

Steve Tyson

1 x stoic angel
1 x predator dragon
1 x skyward eye prophets
2 x woolly thoctar
2 x rhox medicant
1 x steward of valeron
1 x knight of the skyward eye
1 x rakeclaw gargantuan
1 x topan ascetic
1 x court archers
1 x knotvine mystic
1 x druid of the anima
2 x gift of the gargantuan
1 x spore burst
1 x might of alara
1 x obilisk of naya
1 x path to exile
1 x resounding silence
1 x excommunicate
1 x celestial purge

1 x unstable frontier
1 x jungle shrine
4 x plains
3 x mountain
5 x forest
2 x island

Pack 1, pick 1 - Stoic Angel
Pack 2, pick 1 - Predator Dragon
Pack 3, pick 1 - Skyward eye prophets

Fu Sheng Wong

1 x wandering goblins
1 x beacon behemoth
1 x nacatl hunt-pride
1 x knight of the skyward eye
1 x bull cerodon
1 x knight captain of eos
2 x scattershot archer
1 x ranger of eos
1 x ethersworn adjudicator
1 x cavern thoctar
1 x hellkite hatchling
1 x naya battlemage
1 x exuberant firestoker
1 x naya charm
1 x yoked plowbeast
1 x welkin guide
1 x wild leatau
1 x qasali ambusher
1 x hissing iguanar
2 x obilisk of naya

1 x savage lands
1 x grixis panorama
1 x swamp
1 x island
3 x mountain
3 x plains
5 x forest

Pack 1, pick 1 - naya battlemage
Pack 2, pick 1 - bull ceredon
pack 3, pick 1 - ethersworn adjudicator

So congratulations to both Steve and Fu, and thank you for sharing your decklists, the next draft will be in 2 weeks time, sadly however, i shall be back home for easter, so shall be doing a draft report from inner sanctum collectables.

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  1. Just to note we weren't 2 full pods. Fu's pod only had 6 players.

    So... Predator Dragon, 2 Woolly Thoctars and an Obelisk of Alara on the one side and Ethersworn Adjudicator, Bull Cerodon, both the 'of eos' and a Nacatl Hunt-Pride on the other.. who said the format was not about the bombs :)

  2. sorry my mistake on the two pods thing. Also, yeah both decks are pretty bombtastic. I dont think it was steve with the Obilisk of alara though, i think his was a normal one of naya or something, but there was one in our pod.

  3. Wayne had it I'm pretty sure. He turned to me after the draft and asked if it was any good :s

  4. Oh, and Steve destroyed me. Game 1 we both mulled, then he makes both Thoctars and some other big guys. Game 2 he mulls and I keep a defensive hand (my deck has big bombs, it just wants to get there) so I get turn 3 Brackwater Elemental, thinking "Thoctar this!". He stumbles a little on mana then makes turn 5 Spore Burst for 3. Suddenly my sacrificial guy doesn't look so good and I draw 12 mana sources, 2 Brackwater Elementals, a Drag Down and a Sedraxis Alchemist...

  5. what did i have or do rob i can not remember


  6. oh yes it was ace but did not do me to well
    but that may just be my bad play