Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Welcome To TLM (Team Leeds Magic)

By Jim Marlow

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick post to welcome everyone to the blog.

Having played magic for a couple of years now i decided to give something back to the community of magic players in Leeds and elsewhere. When i began playing magic, one of the best ways in which to learn is by reading the thoughts of other magic players. Although i am by no means a great magic player, hopefully this blog will be used both as a useful learning resource for those players who may be as accomplished as myself, and more likely a resource for myself from the feedback i get from the very many more players who are better than me.

In following weeks i will be following the Wednesday Night Magic in Leeds, and providing the following.

  • Weekly metagame and match reports from the alternating draft and type 2 constructed tournaments.

  • Posting Decklists and results of all Wednesday Night Magic winners.

  • Reporting on my long and arduous progress through the DCI judge programme

and hopefully many more exciting things.

So to all members of Team Leeds Magic and anyone else who may be reading this, i hope you find it useful.


P.S. - if anyone has any ideas for articles they would like to write or would like to help out with the production of the TLM blog, please e-mail me at ss07jm@leeds.ac.uk


  1. quoting Jim:

    Reporting on my long and arduous progress through the DCI judge programme


    O RLY? Didn't know you were getting into judging...

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  3. yeah i have been meaning to start judging for a little while. I dont have grand ambitions because i want to focus on playing but i think it would be good to help rik sometimes and hopefully knowing the rules better will improve my play.