Tuesday, 17 March 2009

WNM March 18th - announcement

By Jim Marlow

As usual, this weeks Wednesday Night Magic will take place in TJ's club on the woodhouse estate.

The format for this week will be shards/shards/conflux draft.

We aim to have the draft started by around 6.45pm so please try to arrive before 6.30 to give yourself plenty of time to register. People will be at TJ's from around 6pm so come as early as you like if you would like to trade or play games of any format before the event. TJ's also has a fully liscenced bar selling very moderately priced drinks.

The price for the draft is £9

If you are a new player, or bring a new player to the event, both players get a reduction of £1 from the cost of the draft.

For new players, TJ's club is on Woodouse street, LS6 2JH - just off the side of Hyde Park. It is easily found on google maps for those coming from futher away.

I look forward to seeing everyone there.


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