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Tournament report - WNM at Runik Games, 1st April

By Jim Marlow

Hey everyone,

I know i said i would be documenting another of my shambolic drafts here but i forgot that the format being played ar Runik Games in B.S.E tonight was of course......Vintage?!?

So all the players from East Anglia descended on Bury St Edmunds tonight and played some hearty 2 turn games......which could also be translated as 5 people brought decks, whilst i managed to get a 10 man standard event sanctioned, huzzah!

Huzzahs from me were quickly finished when i realised that i didnt have a lot of cards for my deck.

I was missing the following,

4 x esper charm
4 x tidehollow sculler
1 x mulldrifter
4 x arcane sanctum
4 x vivid lands
1 x sideboard

i managed to procure most of this from Symon, with the exception of the mulldrifter and a sideboard of any kind. This wasnt too bad because i know the standard of play is not through the roof there, and its only fun anyways.

Round 1 - Darren

Quite hilariously while i was trying to ask people about getting the tournament sanctioned i was playing some casual standard matches with Darren, who has only been playing about 6 months, and beat him quite convincingly two or three times, so kind of an awkward 1st round pairing.

Game 1 - Darren was playing a 5 colour elementals deck with some pretty big bombs to be fetched with the harbinger, such as horde of notions, i also saw a maelstrom archangel as well randomly. Darren fooled around with a wanderers twig into one of the WUBRG knights from conflux (they seemed pretty good in the deck). Sadly i drew multiple paths, a wrath and i think triple stillmoon cavalier, and the game was over without me losing a point of life.

Game 2 - this started much the same as the first, which double wanderers twig, for turn 5 horde of notions, but i already had a vendilion clique and stillmoon cavalier. I tapped darrens team when the horde resolved because i wanted to be a massive cock and sower of temptation it, but when he killed my sower i pathed his horde like i should of done in the first place. Darren drew a few blockers, but with the horde gone he was chumping, and elementals certainly doesnt perform on the back foot.

Round 2 - Richard with ?

Game 1 - I was on the draw and we both kept, so fearing and aggro smash when richard played naya panorama to fix mana, i played turn 2 tideholllow sculler, choosing to keep a vivid and arcane sanctum in hand - i saw 5 lands, sylvan bounty and conflux. I played a stillmoon cavalier next turn and after that drew and attack until richard was dead. I shat myself briefly when i pumped the cavalier for no reason just because and next turn richard attempted conflux with me tapped out. Luckily my keen eyes spotted he only had 7 lands, one of which was an ancient ziggurat, o dear!

Game 2 - This time richard made the blue and white prop bears, which seemed better than his game 1 plays, from there however i wrathed, and the game became very similar to the first. I won the match without losing a point of life in either game.

Round 3 - Rob

Rob is another fairly new player, but he is pretty good actually and he had some pretty strong cards in his deck, which was a bant number,

Game 1 - I won the die roll and opened up with a turn 2 sculler, yoinking a rhox war monk, the only other nonland being rhox bodyguard or something. After this i made mulldrifter and drew lost of cryptics.

Game 2 - Rob played and got pretty aggresive with 2 steward of valerons, which was a bit naughty. I managed to stall with a stillmoon cavalier, but then i played a reveillark and somehow the cavalier died, not sure. Rob played some creatures and then i wrathed = stillmoon cavalier + mulldrifter, from here it was a matter of time.

Round 3 - Chris

Chris is a good player, and was playing Shuheii's Swans deck from Kyoto, i think card for card, so i was a bit scared about this one.

Game 1 - I got ahead with a sculler, 2 esper charms and a vendilion clique, with sadly met a volcanic fallout. I drew quite a lot of land, but had a full grip so i wasnt really scared. I played a reveillark to put some pressure on, with only the sculler in the bin, which was poo. I cant remember what happened from here but basically Chris drew spells which were good against me such as volcanic fallout (played in response to me wrathing swans), chandra, and tidings. I matched his drawing skills with stuff like wrath and sower, bad times. Eventually his ghitu encampment and mutavault had done enough between counter wars to get the job done.

Games 2 and 3 - Sadly these games were both non entities, with Chris getting mana screwed both games. I drew well in both, which really helped seeing with no sideboard i thought i was going to be royally boned. Anyway i drew double esper charm into 3 cryptics, which basically countered chris' plays whilst bouncing a vivid land. I allowed chris to tap out to banefire a reveillark (no threats in graveyard), but i just pumped my stillmoon cavalier many times and cracked back with him and a drifter for 11, putting him to 3. He needed pyroclasm, he plays tidings with 2 mana dice (it was the next card, hard luck dude)

Anyways apologies for chris for the bad beats, it must be good to be able to will mana screw on my opponants when its pretty much my only out.

Thanks go again to Symon Rose at Runik Games for a wonderful evening, i am really getting to know some of the guys there and they seem like a great bunch of players.

I was given 3 boosters of Shadowmoor for my troubles this evening, which was awesome seeing as the tournament cost nothing (having already paid my £2 for the evening), and i said to Symon that i would donate them to the Finks charity raffle. Symon kindly agreed to match my donations, so thanks to Runik for kindly donating 6 shadowmoor boosters to the prizes for the raffle, hopefully they can raise a bit of cash.

Hope you enjoyed the article.


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