Monday, 13 April 2009

April Update - regionals and other things to come

By Jim Marlow

Hey everyone,

I trust everyone from Team Leeds had a great Easter, mine was pretty cool, but im glad to have returned to Leeds, and am looking forward to catching up with everyone on wednesday.

Im sorry for the slight lapse in article production for the blog over the last two weeks, but i have been really busy at home with other stuff (meeting the queen and that, you know), so i thought i would write a brief summary of some things that have happened over the last couple of weeks with me and the Leeds scene in general and also list a few articles i will be writing over the next few days.

Im glad to hear that Greg qualified for this years Nationals with a kithkin deck, in a heavily aggro meta, which may interest those looking to take part in the qualifier in Leeds.

Back in Bury St Edmunds i attended my last WNM at Runik Games, which was a T2 tournament, but sadly i had left my deck at home, shame. I managed to knock up the following list with some help from simon and what cards i had in my folder

4 x treefolk harbinger
4 x doran, the siege tower
4 x imperious perfect
4 x wren's run vanquisher
4 x chameleon collosus
4 x kitchen finks
2 x shriekmaw

4 x nameless inversion
3 x garruk wildspeaker
3 x profane command

4 x murmuring bosk
4 x gilt leaf palace
4 x twilight mire
4 x treetop village
1 x wooded bastion
5 x forest
2 x swamp

Long story short i went 1-2, which i think was a bit poo considering i dont think the deck was too bad, but most of the game i played were really close, which was cool.

As for upcoming articles, in the next few days i will be giving some additional details regarding the 'Finks' invitational raffle, my updated esperlark deck for regionals, and a short drunken facebook based interview i had with riki hayashi, which will all be very exciting.

Keep an eye out for these things and more in the next few days.


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