Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Finalised regionals deck

By Jim Marlow

Hey everyone,

So i had a great time tonight at tonights WNM in Leeds, not half because i managed to 3-0 with a nifty deck, but also because it was great seeing all the Team Leeds chaps again.

Regionals is now fully upon us, and whether i like it or not, i am pretty determined/desperate to qualify for this years nationals in Brighton. I set myself the target this year of both breaking 1700 rating in all formats, and qualifying for Nats, and although i have just about managed to do the former, i think the latter will prove far harder than anticipated.

My choice of Esperlark is based upon the supposed decline of Fae (which is in fact no worse than it used to be) and the growth of popularity for various W/x aggro decks, which i think are all pretty easy matches, and only get better for me post-board.

This is my final list, based upon some last minute tech from Heathy to inlclude a miser's mistmeadow witch (favourite card in the deck), instead of the 4th path, which is reluctantly relegated to an allready crowded sideboard.

4 x mulldrifter
4 x stillmoon cavalier
4 x tidehollow sculler
3 x reveillark
3 x vendilion clique
2 x sower of temptation#
1 x mistmeadow witch

3 x path to exile
3 x wrath of god
4 x esper charm
4 x cryptic command

25 lands (cant be bothered listing - same mana base as before)


4 x burrenton forge tender
2 x scepter of fugue
2 x glen elendra archmage
1 x wrath of god
2 x infest
2 x jace beleren
1 x path to exile
1 x sower of temptation

I am very happy with the main deck right now, i think i have pretty good matchups against the decks i expect to face, and basically stillmoon cavalier is so hot right now, and reveillark is always going to be a good source of card advantage.

My only proposals are changing the sideboard round a bit, im not 100% sure on the infests, i was putting them in there to combat teeg and maybe board against fae, but i almost want to take them out for 1 x martial coup and 1 x scepter of fugue

The scepters, glen elendra archmage's and jace helps in the fae match, and i think its just going to have to be a match i conceed to being not that great, but hopefully all the super fast dark bant and kithkin decks will hate out the faerie decks in the first few rounds.

I think a 3rd scepter will put the 5cc match heavily in my favour, and the martial coup will be awesome against b/w tokens and kithkin, but are the arguably more versatile but less effective infests better for my board.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


P.S (no-one pack lark hate for saturday, im playing blightning)

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