Thursday, 29 October 2009

WNM Report - Time Sieve

By Wagz

Hi there, it's been a while since I posted but I did really well at WNM last night with an underplayed deck so I feel I really should. I played Time Sieve Combo because I believe most of the hate to be gone from the format and the deck's worst nightmare (my previous favourite deck) has rotated down to about 2 cards (Swamp and Island much?). Here is the list I played last night (not exactly what I wanted to play, but what I could scrape together - the sideboard is incorrect):

  • 7 Island
  • 2 Plains
  • 1 Swamp
  • 4 Glacial Fortress
  • 2 Drowned Catacomb
  • 4 Mistvein Borderpost
  • 4 Fieldmist Borderpost
  • 4 Kaleidostone
  • 4 Howling Mine
  • 1 Font of Mythos
  • 3 Time Sieve
  • 4 Angel Song
  • 4 Spell Pierce
  • 2 Tezzeret the Seeker
  • 2 Jace Beleren
  • 3 Glassdust Hulk
  • 1 Thopter Foundry
  • 4 Time Warp
  • 4 Open the Vaults

  • Sideboard:
  • 1 Platinum Angel
  • 4 Day of Judgment
  • 1 Baneslayer Angel
  • 3 Vedalken Outlander
  • 2 Path to Exile
  • 1 Celestial Purge
  • 3 Negate

In round 1 I faced Kier Teasdale and kept a slightly slow hand. He admitted he also had kept a slow hand so I got some combo pieces down early. He had light disruption in the form of Tidehollow Sculler and Duress before revealing his deck to be a Sanguine Bond combo deck. The last possible turn before I would die I took infinite turns and swung in with humungous guys via Tezzeret. Game 2 was similar, but he had more disruption and took me down to zero the turn before I could get there. Game 3 was a very long one as I got a Platinum Angel out. At -5 life I countered his Path to Exile and was able to combo off the next turn, swinging in for 32 with unblockable Hulks (this guy is sick).

Round 2 saw Andy Edwards in the hotseat with Jund. We know each others decks from playtesting and lending cards so I wasn't happy when he won the dice roll. He was more unhappy when he got stuck on 2 lands. I was playing around Blightning and Maelstrom Pulse on my borderposts for ages by keeping Spell Pierce up but eventually just made guys with Thopter Foundry and swung in. Game 2 was more back-and-forth but I landed a Baneslayer, which races hard when you get to keep taking turns.

Round 3 I met Sam Walsh and didn't know what he was running. I saw Savage Lands straight away so had him on being Jund and so played around the Pulse+Blightning. He got a Sprouting Thrinax and a Bloodbraid into a second Sprouting Thrinax and had the burn the turn before I was going to combo (being on the play is so much better with this deck). Game 2 I cycled my 3 Glassdust Hulks early and was able to Open the Vaults them back into play. I found 2 artifacts to be able to swing in for lethal over 3 turns. Game 3 Sam had to mulligan twice, which was unfortunate. I was able to punish this with 2 early Vedalken Outlanders which swung in after I took a few extra turns.

Round 4 I faced Andy Devine and we decided to ID to confirm the prizes. He was playing a Steppe Lynx Bant deck and we went 1-1 in practice games.

I came 2nd in the Tournament and would heartily recommend this deck for future WNMs, but I would change the sideboard to 2 Baneslayer Angel, 4 Vedalken Outlander, 4 Day of Judgment, 3 Celestial Purge, 2 Negate and I would change the M10 Duals to 4 Marsh Flats and another Plains and a Swamp to help cast the Borderposts.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice one-of's you beat me with there...


  2. Did it look like I needed more than 1? :p