Monday, 2 November 2009

Player of the Year Race

By Wagz

Since taking over the running of WNM I have had easy access to the standings at the end of the night. Armed with this information, I took it upon myself to make up a Player of the Year Race. Each WNM I will give points to the top-placed players and sum them over the weeks. The winner gets points equal to the number of rounds (each pod is counted separately in draft) and then 1 point less is awarded to the next player, and so on until we reach 0 points. So, the results from the last 7 weeks are:

12pts - Mick Edwards
8pts - Andy Edwards
7pts - Rob Catton & John Ingham
6pts - Rob Wagner

This is still not that much information so good luck to all players with the rest of the year - still 2 months of results to collect!


  1. Apparently, name must contain Edwards or Rob, otherwise you have no chance.

  2. lucky i changed my name to Rob Edwards last weekend.

    R Edwards.