Tuesday, 6 October 2009

October update, on being 21 and the PTQ's for San Diego

By Jim Marlow

Hey everyone,

I hope all are well, i am most certainly unwell after my birthday.

October obviously saw the running of successful pre-release and release events by the new team of officials that have taken the reigns following the departure of the sorely missed Rik Powell.

Both events have been covered, but its a great testament to see that Rich Hagon commented on how well they were run on his latest article on starcitygames.com, chech it out if you want, certain players from Team Leeds are mentioned by name.

With Austin coming up and worlds after that, we now return to a season of sealed PTQ's for the first of the pro tours of the 2010 season, San Diego.

If the thought of going to a place named after a whale's vagina wasn't enough, zendikar sealed seems to be a really good format, although i doubt you will catch me saying that after a string of bad PTQ results

This is the currently scheduled list of PTQ's

Manchester 18th-Oct
Gravesend 1st-Nov
Cambridge 7th-Nov (clashes with GP Paris)
Birmingham 14th-Nov
Southampton 28th-Nov
Dundee 5th-Dec
London 2nd-Jan 2010

Team Leeds will obviously be able to take a horde of players to manchester, and im sure Birmingham is well within most players range, but apart from these two it looks like there isnt much chance of a Leeds contingent throughout the PTQ season.

I am really surprised to see Leicester or Bristol not on the list, although i am certainly glad that the fine work of Graham Henderson and family at Inner Sanctum Collectables is finally being rewarded by PTQ's. I will probably head home for a weekend to go there, although Cambridge is notorious for being home to some of the finest magic players in the country, particularly those who specialise in limited....great! (hopefully they will all be at the GP!)

Anyway, it's time to be arranging cars, trains etc for the PTQ's, because it will be a shame if Team Leeds can not attend at least two or three of the PTQ's this season in numbers.

See you all tomorrow for the first WNM Zendikar draft......God knows i want to open fetch lands after getting 1 in my box. Misty Rainforests are worth £75, right?

Untill then,


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