Thursday, 22 October 2009

Naya Zoo in Standard

By Jim Marlow

Hey Everyone,

I have been away from Leeds this week so i couldn't crush the draft, leaving it to Beard and Chris Vincent to take down the 2 pods in this weeks triple Zendikar draft.

Luckily, i have returned for another week of standard, meaning i have to test whatever deck i make against numerous jund and vampire decks, awesome.

I started trying to reinvent the bant control deck i had conjured last week, then when i saw my esper charms i immediately started examining 5 colour build (traditional, not cascade) I was having a real hard time building a 5 colour deck, mainly because i knew i wanted to use baneslayer as a win condition, but tbh jwar jwar sphinx is a lot better because when you eventually fling out you're lightning rod for removal its still no good, but sadly i dont have any of the shroud sphinx....and i gave up after trying to build a 4 colour control (no red).

Here's what ill be playing if i can muster some cards from other people

4 x wild nacatl
4 x knight of the reliquary
4 x woolly thoctar
4 x bloodbraid elf
4 x baneslayer angel

4 x burst lightning
4 x lightning bolt
4 x path to exile
3 x ajani vengeant
1 x behemoth sledge

2 x jungle shrine
4 x rootbound crag
4 x sunpetal grove
4 x arid mesa
4 x mountain
4 x plains
2 x forest

4 x volcanic fallout
4 x great sable stag
4 x celestial purge
3 x luminarch ascension

The deck is painfully simple to build and play, but aggressively costed creatures and removal spells is the oldest combo in magic, so im pretty sure this deck can get there against any of the other decks in the current field. I thought i would take a break from playing decks im not good enough to pilot and play a no brainer for once.

See you all Tuesday

Untill then,


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  1. Not bothering with a second Tern? Testing Mick's version suggests Plated Geopedo good, Ajani Irrelevant less so

  2. If you want so many high-cost cards then you may consider Noble Hierarch in place of 2 lands and 2 spells perhaps. The deck needs a bit more curve anyway.

  3. ye, you should play the landfall guys if you can get hold of enough fetch lands as its pretty much the same deck but with added 'oops I won on turn 3' (also harrow is ramping to baneslayer if they have removal)
    Naya seems like an 'above average' deck at the moment, hopefully im gona try the doran coloured version just to see if its any better with leech>pedo and pulse>bolt. But Obviously that lacks the bloodbraid into thoctar combo :P