Friday, 9 October 2009

Guest Article: Ben Heath - Heathy Hates Unhinged

By Ben Heath

Heathy Hates Unhinged

Heathy here with a special feature this time around, revolving around the subject of Unhinged.
Contrary to popular belief, I actually enjoy playing unhinged. I just don’t like to play it every 10 minutes, however most of the time the games are really fun and throws out some wacky combos. Here’s the first one:

The Situation – 6 Islands in play, Topsy Turvy in play as well as a Carniverous Death Parrot and ___________ (yes that is an Unhinged card), both enchanted by Loose Lips, each lets me draw four two cards when they attack unless the opponent says a chosen sentence (I chose ‘I won’t make you play Unhinged again’ and ‘Ben Heath is the greatest judge ever’ or something like that. The point is I knew my opponent would never say them). My opponent is on 16,
I attack, putting him down to 13. Draw four cards, since phases are in reverse order I then untap, then in my upkeep Number Crunch my Topsy Turvy, turn order is returned to normal, so I get another attack phase, put opponent down to 10 and draw four more cards. Post combat play Topsy turvy, head straight back to beginning phase, untap, upkeep Number Crunch No. 2 on Topsy Turvy, put my opponent down to 7 and draw 4 more cards. Topsy Turvy is cast again. This cycle repeats for a third time, my opponent is on 8 and 4 more cards are added to my hand (yes my opponent really was THAT stubborn). As I cast Number Crunch No. 4, my opponent says ‘oh, not another one’. The rest, as they say, is history...

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