Tuesday, 22 September 2009

September Update - Back in Leeds

By Jim Marlow

Hey everyone,

Once again, if you havent read my post on the Team Leeds facebook page then i must apologise for the lack of activity on the site. Sadly, when i am back home, especially now without a car, i can play far less magic than i would like. However, even when i am back my computer was not working properly so i couldnt access the internet.

Luckily though i am now both back in Leeds, and back on the internet...so whats been happening then.

....nothing really.

Sadly its been quite a quiet few weeks for me and most others. The play the game, see the world tournament has been the only thing of interest to me in the last couple of weeks and i couldnt get back to leeds in time to attend (faeries won, woo!).

Other than that this is a fairly quiet time in the season. Even the GP season has seen only prague in the last weeks i believe.

However, i think having a quiet time for magic is the perfect time to build tension for the oncoming horizon of Zendikar, which i think has already proved itself to be a financially sound set, if nothing else.

I think Zendikar, more than any set i have been around for the release of, has created a great deal of arguing from both pros and amateurs alike. It seems no-one can really get their head round whether Zendikar is a completely busted set, or whether it just includes some ridiculous money cards which will affect the format, and loads of other underwhelming stuff.

Also, i really like the fact that the sealed and draft environment will be different. In the last couple of weeks i have convinced myself that m10 drafting isnt too bad, but i have come to the conclusion that this is in comparison to m10 sealed, and that really it is pretty shit.

For everyone saying its better than other core sets, i really dont care, its still pretty poo.

So although the last few weeks have been quiet, the next few weeks are sure to be full of some crazy happenings.

With the Zen pre-release and release party's to go to the pro tour qualifier season for San Diego will be open, and sealed, which is going to be sick.

Also, we are now coming up to GP Paris, and not long after, Worlds (which i am desperate to attend, but pretty sure i cant due to money). Im sure there will be players from Leeds going in my stead and if mick goes he will obv win.

This Wednesday is Standard at TJ's. I am really not sure what to play yet as i cant bring myself to play most decks in standard right now. I think if i had the cards i would probably play time sieve for laughs.

Look out for the report, if i play or not, on wednesday night.

Untill then,


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