Wednesday, 2 September 2009

My favourite ever Magic cards

By Jim Marlow

Hey everyone,

Following the disaster i had at PTQ coventry.....

Yep, thats 30 points a just lost for a draft, yay for bad drafting, bad opponants and not being bothered to play anymore.

I decided to write something a little more light hearted, and hopefully something that other people can interact with.

I have recently been trying to figure out what i was going to play in the post rotation extended ptq season which will feed the second ptq of 2010....San Juan i think, and realised how much i love some of the cards in the decks im thinking of playing (more on these will come later this week, although they are obv not finished without zen block being released)

What i love about extended, and older formats in general, is that there are cards that i actually enjoy casting, unlike standard where very few plays actually get me excited. This got me thinking as to what my favourite magic cards were ever. If you know me, you should know my all time favourite card anyway.




No?, really should get some friends.

Anyway, im going to post a list of my 5 favourite cards from magic, ever. They are not necessarily the most powerful, just the ones which i love the most, although they generally are fairly good, as well as some other cards that come very close to the list. I am really interested in what would be on other people's lists, so please either post them at the bottom or email me at and i will upload them for us all to look at.

1) Ancestral Vision

2) Dark Confidant

3) Force of Will

4) Reveillark

5) Jace Beleren

Other cards that are close to these 5 are; standstill, cryptic command, harmonize, vendilion clique, loxodon heirarch, thirst for knowledge, engineered explosives, umezawa's jitte and Skred.

Well these are the spells that i have had the most fun to cast since i have began playing magic, so i would love to know what other people enjoy playing the most, and what people think of my list - except if this involves bitching about ancestral vision because it is just the best!.

Anyway, see you all soon, im afraid i may not make it back for the event at Fanboy3 on the 12 of september, depending on when i can come back to Leeds, but i should be up some time the following week, so i will see everyone then.

See you all soon

Untill then,


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  1. In no particular order I think my top5 must be:
    Grave pact
    Rith the Awakener
    Canyon Wildcat
    Figure of Destiny

  2. My top 5:
    Wilt-Leaf Liege
    Dark Confidant
    Verdalken Shackles
    Umezawa's Jitte
    Lightning Helix

  3. omg! Dark confidant, must edit this article could i forget.

  4. you cheated marlow!

  5. i always feel like im cheating with dark confidant.

  6. Jace beleren,
    Pernicious deed,
    dark confidant,
    Gifts ungiven,

    Yeah thats 6, shut up!

    Close are 3sphere, vendillion clique, acadamy ruins and Island