Monday, 28 September 2009

POST 100! - Jim breaks magic!

By Jim Marlow

Hey everyone,

Before i get started, being the 100th post and all, i thought i would just say a few things. Firstly, i want to say how pleased i am that the blog has managed to survive to 100 posts, which is no doubt because of the full support i have had from Ben Heath, Mick Edwards and Rob Wagner, who have done loads to keep this thing ticking over when i havent been able to. Also, 100 posts on im still glad that people are reading it too, obviously there wouldnt be much point doing this without your supportive, and constructive, comments. I have no plans to stop doing the blog as long as both these things exist so hopefully i will be saying similar words in a few months time in the 200th post, fingers crossed.

So for those non-Leeds readers, and for people who havent finished making a deck for the upcoming unsanctioned multiplayer planechase event happening at TJ's club in Leeds this wednesday, then i am about to offer you an absolute peach.

Obviously, this event is pretty casual, and most of you will be preparing some mixed bag of hilarious combo's, ridiculous 8 mana enchantments, and various other piles dragged straight from the kitchen table of a 10 year old near you......not me im afraid.

I decided i would take this seriously, put in the hours, evaluate the metagame, and create an unbeatable deck.

It was meant to be a secret, but i wanted to nab the 100th post (i'd told wagz he could do it but he hasnt posted in a while), so i thought i would get it on the internet before it gets sprawled across StarCity and Channel Fireball....just remember folks, you saw it here first.

.....Oh, and have a sickbag ready.

Mono W Enchantress

4 x mesa enchantress
1 x reveillark

4 x martial coup
3 x idylic tutor

3 x sigil of the empty throne
4 x oblivion ring
4 x curse of chains
4 x pacafism
4 x runed halo
1 x armoured ascension
1 x rise of the hobgoblins
1 x endless horizons
1 x greater auramancy

23 x plains
2 x gargoyle castle


Im looking forward to wednesday, almost as much as im looking forward to the zendikar release, i may buy a box of Zendikar as well...goddam priceless treasures making me buy boosters, as if the fetchlands were'nt tempting enough.

Untill then,


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  1. I shotgunned #100, I was gonna do a review and allsorts :(. Just for this I will crush you on Wednesday. Then I will Mill you to death. Then I'll pull your hair and call you names. You're going down my friend xxx

  2. It made my hobgoblin rise, I can tell you!

  3. One good tern deserves another.

  4. *Prepares fracturing gusts and spring cleaning in anticipation of Jim's deck*

  5. Shatterstorm isn't legal right? I wanna make sure there's no good artifact hate before I use my deck.

  6. autere command is going to be a shitkicking for both of us it would seem, i probably shouldnt publish a deck that lives or dies on the hope that no one packs hate!

  7. Planechase... Time sieve combo FTW!