Thursday, 15 July 2010

Player of the Year Race Update 15/07/10 - 1 Month to go

By Wagz

Hi all! We're now entering the final stages of the player of the year race and things are pretty hot. The winner after WNM on 11/08 will receive a trophy for their efforts but we won't be organising a top 8 anything because it looks like it will be hard to get all 8 people in one place. Currently the top 8 is:

46 - Andy Devine
44 - Rob Catton
43 - Mick Edwards
38 - John Ingham
33 - Andy Edwards, Chris Vincent
29 - Rob Wagner, Andy Bodle

with Steve Tyson, Stephen Porritt and Andy Pemberton all snapping on the heels. Mick has left university so is unlikely to get any more points but Rob and Andy are definitely going to make a close race. My excuse is that I only played 7 WNMs since December (but I won 4 of those), so I'll try to make Pro Level 2 and then I can play in every event next year :D. Anyway, the winner will receive their trophy at nats but no more updates to the online spreadsheet will be made until then to keep it exciting.

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