Friday, 30 July 2010

Deck Tech: RGu Aggro

By Wagz

Hi all, been a while! Sorry if this looks like filler content, but that's almost precisely what it is :). Here's the list for the deck I played at last week's PTQ to reasonable success, RG aggro splashing Jace:

4 Raging Ravine

4 Rootbound Crag

4 Misty Rainforest

3 Scalding Tarn

4 Forest

3 Mountain

2 Island

3 Noble Hierarch

3 Birds of Paradise

4 Lotus Cobra

4 Fauna Shaman

1 Nest Invader

1 Sylvan Ranger

2 Cunning Sparkmage

4 Bloodbraid Elf

4 Vengevine

2 Siege-Gang Commander

4 Jace, the Mind Sculptor

3 Eldrazi Monument

2 Chandra Nalaar

2 Sphinx of Jwar Isle

1 Clone

3 Combust

4 Obstinate Baloth

2 Cunning Sparkmage

1 Into the Roil

I went 4-2-1 on the day, IDing the last round for prizes and my 2 losses coming to horrid draws and a mull to 5, although likely some of my wins were lucky and I'm not remembering them. The field was choc-a-block full of Shaman decks and UW decks and this was definitely a good call for that field. I'm not sure how it'll cope with Titan Force decks but I'd recommend you try it out at your local FNM.

Sorry we haven't been updating much recently, Jim has been very busy and I'm an ancillary writer at best so you'd better enjoy what you're given for now. I'll have an update after a win-a-mox Lejacy tournament in Manchester this weekend where I'll be whipping out my old faithful, Zoo. Then I could be a bit quiet until after Nats, but at least I'll have a winners report for you all then.

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  1. On a RG aggro note, I've been finding Primeval Titan to be working hideously well in Valakut ramp decks. Enters battlefield- search 2 Valakuts. Attack next turn- 2 mountains. If the opponent can't deal with him, that's 12 points of damage!