Saturday, 22 June 2013

FNM Hero: The Pledge

Unfortunately, due to work commitments, I’ve been away from the game for about 9 months. In this time I’ve drifted away from the game a little, my attentions drawn by other game systems, my time eaten up by adult life.

But things are about to change. I have a new job. I will be able to attend FNM from now until eternity. No more shift work!

So what better way to return than as a new player would, by picking up an event deck and trying to mould it into something to suit my playing style and using its success to improve it piece by piece.  I only ventured briefly into standard in the past, and so this is uncharted territory for me.

If anyone knows me well, they know I like the underdog. I also like working on restricted card pools, and I like to try to play on a budget. 

By the magic player classification I am very much a Jonny, I am forever being told my card choices are sub-optimal. In a world of Spikes it is hard to keep that creative edge, as success at any cost seems the mantra of Friday nights.

I thrive on playing janky homebrews, from Séance Self Mill to Kangee EDH, I like to push uderused and undervalued cards to the maximum. Despite knowing this is not the best course of action, nothing can beat that feeling when your rogue brew pulls a win from nowhere and a card becomes a personal cult icon!

I'm not claiming I'll be successful in this venture, but I'm pledging my commitment to join the challenge proposed by Norman Ralph. I know I'll have a heck of fun regardless of my standings, and look forward to my deck becoming a loyal companion in my quest for FNM glory!

I plan to document my adventures here, and you can also follow me on twitter, @MagicMander

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