Friday, 16 April 2010

Pre-release Preview

By Wagz

Hi all! Hope you're all looking forward to the Pre-release of the new set. It looks like it will be a big departure from Zendikar limited, with games going into the 4th and 5th turns easily. I'm not yet sure what to make of it all but I'll hopefully be collecting some data on the best performing decks at the weekend.

Our pre-release will be in Meeting Rooms 2 and 4 in the Leeds University Union, deck building beginning at 11am for the rounds to start at mid-day. It might be a cosy squeeze into the two rooms but we'll have everything running smoothly throughout the day to help everyone enjoy themselves.

What are people's initial thoughts on Rise of the Eldrazi limited then? I think flying (and unblockable) will be even more useful than normal as more creatures have bigger butts than usual. Unlike Zendikar some creatures will be actually capable of blocking and not dying so players will get to flex their combat abilities rather than their dexterity in putting cardboard onto table and tilting it 90° every turn. It will be interesting to see how reliably people can put the fat Eldrazi into play and how much scope there is for dealing with those things before they Annihilate™ your board position. Reason it out in the comments below!

Anyway, hope to see as many of you as possible tomorrow for some Sealed Deck Magic :D


  1. Also, my guess for number of attendees is 48∓6

  2. 48 on the dot, called shot!

  3. I think that my opinion is obv the only valid one, after all ;). I prefer it to zendikar to be honest, there's a lot more interaction and time to cast interesting spells instead of efficient ones, ie a 2 / 1 for 2.