Monday, 25 January 2010

January Update

By Jim Marlow

Hey everyone,

If anyone has been locked in a cupboard, Team Leeds has once again proved that it can supply some of the best magic in England, this time in the form of Rob Wagner winning a PTQ for San Juan. Obviously congratulations to Rob on this amazing indiviual achievement, who no doubt credits his victory to the depth and volume of his preperation for tournament magic.

It seems that magic is getting far more exciting again, not only is Extended a pretty hot topic, but obviously Worldwake is coming out shortly, and there seem to be a few gems that look to shake up standard and hopefully the format will become somewhat playable. As if any more excitement was necessary, its time again to qualify (or not) for GB Nationals, which for me is very exciting, because this means i get to tour round the country doing the thing i love with some awesome friends, hopefully i will see everyone along the way!

I think the thing i am most excited about is the possibility of shaking up standard. There is a lot of talk about new blue based control decks with jace, treasure hunt and halimar depths giving blue the boost it desperately needed.

Obviously there is still some of worldwake to be spoiled, and it still remains to see whether the potential decks that worldwake threatens to offer - probably some incarnation of white weenie/allies beatdown along with this blue based 5cc or whatever, will shake the format up or not.

At the moment i think i would like to play a version of Conley Woods' Worlds deck, using lotus cobra along with fetchlands and harrow and a bucketload of land destruction and some boom-booms.

Over the next few days and weeks i will hopefully have another draft to go up, a closer look at some of my favourite cards from worldwake, and some that i dont like so much, and i will be posting the extended deck i will hopefully following Rob to San Juan with. Keep an eye out for all these and possibly more.

Until then,

See you all soon,


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