Friday, 4 December 2009

Zendikar RotizzZZZerie Draft

By Jim Marlow

Hey everyone,

So last night round my house we managed to club together a full set of zendikar and do a 6 man rotisserie of the whole set. This is something i had been interested in doing for some time, and zendikar seemed like a good set to draft to, with the high number of massive bombs available. It turned out that the draft was just as fun and as interesting as i thought it would be, the only problem being that with every pick being really hard, it does take a loooooong time to draft the set (i think we clocked like 2 and a half hours).

Either way, 6 pretty good decks got made....which im now thinking i should have put on here before taking them apart to return peoples cards, ah well.

Anyway, on to the draft, im pretty sure i can remember the first few picks everyone made - i hope my memory serves me correctly because im not 100% on these, but ill check with people and can change them if i got it wrong.

Andy D - Ob, Nixilis the fallen

Me - Sorin Markov

Martin - Hellkite Charger

Robertas - Luminarch Ascension

Colin - Sphinx of Jwar Isle

Mick - Rampaging Baloths

Mick - Lotus Cobra

Colin - Sphinx of Lost Truths

Robertas - Journey to Nowhere

Martin - Obsidian Fireheart

Me - Vampire Nighthawk

Andy - Marsh Casualties

Andy - Emeria Angel

Me - Malakir Bloodwitch

Im afraid this is really the limit of my memory as far as the draft goes, because each pick in this format is such an event. There were'nt too many suprises, and i know you probably think that one or many of these picks may be wrong, but let me tell you its a lot more difficult when you have a 7 foot table covered in magic cards, especially if you hope to get the drafting donein under 3 hours, for a relatively small set!

The decks that came from this draft were all a bit nutty, proper my bomb verses your bomb action.

Anyway, i would strongly recommend any group with the cards (and more importantly the time) to try this, its a lot of fun and totally different from anything else iv done.

Thats all for now, i think i might have been coerced into going to sheffield to play in a 2hg tournament with Mick on Sunday, so there will probably be some action from that going up here, if not im sure i will think of something to ramble about to keep you guys happy.

Until then,


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  1. I like how Andy D first picks Ob Nixilis and then Jim gets the best 3 Black cards in the set still.

  2. I dont think I picked lotus cobra the 1st time around, I think i went for scute mob.. or maybe even burst lightning.
    Also, it turns out Eldrazi Monument is insanely bomby and was fairly underrated. Having seen how Andys deck turned out I think it would be my 1st pick if we were to do this again.